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June 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Promoting gender-transformative change with men and boys

This manual showcases 13 activity-based group sessions to spark critical reflection on harmful gender norms with men and boys in aquatic agricultural systems. The manual also contains guidelines and recommendations for facilitation of the sessions. At the end of the manual, there is a tool to guide facilitators in the development of community-based campaigns, should group members wish to take action following the completion of their participation in the group. »

April 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Reducing rural women’s domestic workload through labour-saving technologies and practices

This toolkit from IFAD provides practical papers on how labour-saving technologies and practices can promote inclusive development through reducing the domestic workload and freeing up time to perform productive tasks, but also to participate in decision-making processes and development opportunities. Labour-saving technologies can also make rural areas more attractive places for younger people. »

January 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Bringing agriculture and nutrition together using a gender lens

This paper (PDF) from the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) and SNV is a background paper to the Nutrition and Gender Sensitive Agriculture (NGSA) Toolkit. The paper refers to the current discussions on linking food and nutrition security at program level. It looks at the discussions from a gender lens, and how this demands for a different way of program planning. It shows the need to plan programs based on knowledge of the current realities of men and women in a particular context and time. To facilitate this kind of program planning, the toolkit promotes an integrated approach to understand under-nutrition through linking different sectors -namely agriculture, nutrition, WASH- using a gender lens. »

January 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
New tool tracks food and agriculture policies

This article elaborates on the functions of the FAO’s Food and Agriculture Policy Decisions Analysis Tool (Fapda). The web-based tool includes more than 6,000 policy decisions from more than 70 countries. It was developed in 2011 to provide an on-line repository for food and agricultural policy decisions from around the world. »

December 23, 2015Knowledge Portal
A Seed Resource Box to help farmers adapt to climate change

The Resilient Seed Systems Resource Box is a tool to enhance the access and use of crop diversity to adapt to climate change. It is an open-access toolkit with eight steps that provides a methodology to build resilient seed systems and helps farmers adapt to climate change effects. The box can be used to find selected resource to support research processes, or as a learning tool for building capacity in facilitating, conducting or participating in research processes. »

November 17, 2015Knowledge Portal
mAgri Design Toolkit: user-centered design for mobile agriculture

This toolkit is a collection of instructions, tools and stories to help develop and scale mobile agriculture products by applying a user-centered design approach. The toolkit is a collection of instructions, tools and stories to help develop and scale mobile agriculture products by applying a user-centered design approach. It provides guides for different stages in a product development cycle elaborating on the tools and displaying stories from the field. »