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May 4, 2016Knowledge Portal
Is inclusive business for you? Managing and upscaling an inclusive company – lessons from the field

This publication by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) and The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) provides readers with a valuable understanding of how agri-food markets can contribute to food security and rural poverty reduction, while still building profitable commercial relations. The report gives the outcomes of the ‘From Islands of Success to Seas of Change’ initiative on scaling inclusive agri-food markets. »

April 22, 2016Knowledge Portal
Analysis of village poultry value chain in Ethiopia: Implications for action research and development

This study by LIVES is aimed at developing a baseline understanding of poultry producers in order to identify potential areas of improvement for action research and poultry value chain system development. There are little research and development efforts directed at village poultry in Ethiopia resulting in the sub-sector being highly underdeveloped in terms of its productivity and linkages between producers and consumers. Consequently, the nation is not benefitting much from the potential of village poultry in nutrition or income. »

April 19, 2016Knowledge Portal
Cooperatives, economic democratization and rural development

Agricultural cooperatives and producer organizations are institutional innovations which have the potential to reduce poverty and improve food security. This book presents a raft of international case studies, from developing and transition countries, to analyse the internal and external challenges that these complex organizations face and the solutions that they have developed. »

March 7, 2016Knowledge Portal
Smallholder diaries: building the evidence base with farming families in Mozambique, Tanzania, and Pakistan

The Smallholder Diaries (PDF) provide a deep view of how smallholders are affected by the agricultural cycle and manage their money in response to its ebbs and flows, as well as point to ways that financial service providers might better meet smallholders’ needs. »

March 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
A future in coffee: Growing a new generation of coffee professionals

A new generation of coffee professionals is urgently needed. Over the last decade, organisations in various parts of the world have launched projects to increase the number of youth involved in the coffee sector. These projects provide clear insights that can be applied in many other sectors and can potentially transform the coffee production sector. This publication by Hivos summarizes 5 case studies worldwide on good practices how to involve youth in the coffee sector, and comes up with successful strategies that attracted young people back to the coffee sector. »

February 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Case studies on climate change and African coastal fisheries: a vulnerability analysis and recommendations for adaptation options

This report by FAO shows the nature of the impacts of climate change on, and vulnerabilities of fisheries in different parts of Africa, to identify current and potential coping mechanisms/strategies as well as biophysical and social characteristics/attributes that increase resilience to these impacts. The report consists of five chapters. Each chapter includes observations on the adaptive capacity of the social-ecological system and concludes with observations on the potential role of fisheries management institutions to reduce vulnerability to climate change. »