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July 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Negative evaluation of conservation agriculture: Perspectives from African smallholder farmers

This article explores the reasons why farmers chose not to implement conservation agriculture (CA). Despite more than three decades of promotion, CA has not been widely adopted by smallholder farmer in sub-Saharan Africa. »

June 26, 2017Knowledge Portal
Cultivating opportunities for women in agriculture

This blog explores opportunities for women in agriculture by means of two national surveys of smallholder households in Mozambique and Tanzania. These suggest that women face several barriers, which may prevent them from diversifying their sources of income both within and away from agriculture. »

May 22, 2017Knowledge Portal
Understanding changing land access and use by the rural poor in Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal and Uganda

The IIED recently published four similar research reports on land issues, access to land and land use by the rural poor in Ghana, Mozambique, Senegal, and Uganda. In all countries the acquisition of land by new actors, both government and business, puts pressure or rural lands and their communities. Current land governance systems are often not sufficient to deal with this rapid change. »

May 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
Small-scale poultry and food security in resource-poor settings

This article reviews how small-scale poultry can contribute to improved household food and nutrition security. Small-scale poultry production systems are mostly found in rural, resource-poor areas that often also experience food insecurity. These poultry systems are accessible to vulnerable groups of society, and provide households with income and nutritionally-rich food sources. »

May 9, 2017Knowledge Portal
TechnoServe initiative for inclusive agricultural business models

This publication shows four case studies of large and influential food companies and agribusinesses scale inclusive business models. They show the intersection of multinational corporations and sustainable smallholder production. These projects span a broad variety of contexts: from sustainable mango production in India by the Coca-Cola Company to local rice and date sourcing in Egypt by the Kellogg Company. »

May 8, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agricultural leasing market scoping study for sub-Saharan Africa

This report applies a market systems approach to agricultural equipment leasing in sub-Saharan Africa in order to capture a holistic view of how the leasing market currently works. The study has analysed core market functions (supply and demand), as well as supporting market functions and the policy environment. »