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Capitalizing on untapped potential
June 25, 2018Knowledge activity
Capitalizing on untapped potential
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

This two-pager aims to summarize a state of the current art on the knowledge in this field. It builds on the knowledge gathered in the F&BKP Knowledge Portal on youth. It covers heterogeneity of youth, potential of mainstreaming and youth-specific interventions as well as comprehensive policies amongst others. It focuses specifically on youth employment and job creation, as it served as a background document to the workshop “youth agripreneurship in agricultural transformation” on June 1, 2018 »

Changing food systems and the power of youth
June 13, 2018Knowledge activity
Changing food systems and the power of youth
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

On May 22, 2018, a CoP meetup around youth in agribusiness and food systems was facilitated by AgriProFocus and F&BKP. The objective of the CoP is to share recent work on youth in food systems, provide feedback on each other’s work, identify knowledge questions and ideas for joint action, find innovative solutions for urgent issues, and to get to know other stakeholders working in this field as well as inspiration for collaboration. »

August 8, 2017Knowledge Portal
Youth in agribusiness in Africa: turning knowledge into action

This blog highlights the potential for fostering entrepreneurship and creating role models to persuade youth not to relocate to cities. The author states that a supporting environment should be provided for young people to thrive in agriculture and agribusiness. »

May 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
An ICT agripreneurship guide: A path to success for young ACP entrepreneurs

This practical handbook (PDF) published by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) provides a guide for young aspiring information and communication technologies (ICTs) entrepreneurs to help them set-up businesses that address challenges in the agricultural sector. Governments, private sector, non-governmental organisations, and especially young people, are increasingly viewing the intersection of ICTs and agriculture »

April 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making creativity a job engine for rural Africa: Panel discussion highlights role of young entrepreneurs

This article describes the main messages of a panel discussion on youth employment in rural Africa. One of the important challenge for Africa will be to make the rural economy a place of opportunity for the young. According to the young Africans who attended the discussion, one of the reasons that this is not yet happening is the lack of investment. »

April 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Innovate for agriculture: Young ICT entrepreneurs overcoming challenges and transforming agriculture

This booklet presents 20 ICT-enable entrepreneurial ventures created by young innovators form African and Carribean countries. A key message that comes out of their stories is the need for all stakeholders to develop holistic strategies that can build youth agribusiness capacities and advance this novel type of agro-entrepreneurship. »