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weather monitoring

May 6, 2020Knowledge Portal
Access to markets, weather risk, and livestock production decisions: Evidence from Ethiopa

This study examined whether and how livestock production responds to (access to) markets and varying weather risk and explores whether such responses vary across livelihood zones and livestock production systems. The heterogeneity in responses and impacts of weather risk among farming systems and livelihoods highlights the need for more tailored livestock sector policies and interventions. »

May 6, 2019Knowledge Portal
Handbook on climate information for farming communities: What farmers need and what is available

This guide book describes the most important weather and agroclimatic products that are available by the National Meteorological Service (NMS) and identifies the most important needs of farmers concerning climate information. Special consideration will be given to the local knowledge used by rural farmers. n additional objective is to improve communication among the NMS staff, in particular, meteorologists and agrometeorologists and to encourage Agro-Pastoral Field School (APFS) trainers and facilitators to be more aware of their respective availability. »

June 6, 2018Knowledge Portal
Weather data for agriculture

This magazine portrays how various stakeholders in the data value chain are working with and creating agriculture services from weather data while showcasing some of the best practices and the most common challenges in this field. »

May 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
An assessment of mobile phone-based dissemination of weather and market information in the Upper West Region of Ghana

This article assesses the usefulness, constraints, and factors likely to influence farmers’ decisions to patronize mobile phone-based weather and market information. The rapid growth of mobile phones in Ghana has opened up the possibility of delivering timely and useful weather and market information to farmers at costs lower than traditional agricultural extension services. »

February 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Weather forecasting and monitoring: Mobile solutions for climate resilience

This paper explores new cases for weather monitoring and forecasting through mobile phones to enhance climate resilience. The authors advocate for increasing focus and investment from mobile network operators (MNOs), value added service (VAS) providers and donors into enabling technologies that can provide more localized and accurate service. In the developing world, the availability of localized, granular weather forecasts can benefit smallholder farmers who depend on rain for their agricultural activities and food security. »