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April 15, 2015Knowledge Portal
Appropriate food packaging solutions for developing countries

This publication assesses the state of packaging and packaging technologies in developing countries, with the challenge of global food losses and the potential for agri-food systems as the backdrop. »

April 9, 2015Knowledge Portal
Improving agricultural microfinance through risk mitigation

The risk management factsheet (PDF) elaborated by Cordaid presents four categories of risk mitigating measures that microfinance institutions (MFIs) can adopt to enhance safe opportunities for agricultural lending, in terms of: preparation, product risk alleviation, operations and collaborations. »

April 1, 2015Knowledge Portal
Coffee Toolkit 2014: sustainable coffee as a family business

This Coffee Toolkit (PDF) was developed for the coffee industry, in response to the demand for knowledge on how to best integrate women and youth in the coffee value chain and provides practical approaches and tools for stakeholders and service providers. The toolkit is a joint effort of the SCP, Agri-ProFocus, Fair & Sustainable Advisory »

March 30, 2015Knowledge Portal
Developing sustainable food value chains. Guiding principles

Aimed at policy-makers, project designers and field practitioners, this publication (PDF) by FAO provides the conceptual foundation for a new set of FAO handbooks on sustainable food value chain development. It defines the concept of a sustainable food value chain, presents a development paradigm that integrates the multidimensional concepts of sustainability and value added, highlights ten guiding principles, and discusses the potential and limitations of the approach. »

March 14, 2015Knowledge Portal
Value chains and nutrition: A framework to support the identification, design, and evaluation of interventions

This paper elaborates on how value chains can contribute to improved nutrition outcomes. Value chain approaches can provide useful frameworks to examine the food system and have the potential to achieve improved nutritional outcomes by leveraging market-based systems. However, understanding the links between value chains, the overall business environment in which they operate, and nutrition among targeted populations is complex. »

Digging Deeper: Inside Africa’s Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Dynamics
February 9, 2015News
Digging Deeper: Inside Africa’s Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Dynamics

The book “Digging Deeper: Inside Africa’s Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Dynamics” attempts to dig deeper into what is currently happening in Africa’s agricultural and rural sector. It seeks to convince policymakers and others that it is important to look at the current African rural dynamics in ways that connect metropolitan demands for food with value »