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December 17, 2015Knowledge Portal
Toward solutions for youth employment: A 2015 baseline report

The is a report by Solutions for Youth Employment (S4YE), a multistakeholder global coalition established to improve youth access to work opportunities. It is intended to set a baseline for youth employment trends, research and analysis, actions, and knowledge in line with S4YE’s agenda and comparative advantage. The report highlights that agriculture remains the dominant source of youth employment. »

September 16, 2015Knowledge Portal
Urbanisation and food insecurity risks: Assessing the role of human development

This article elaborates on the linkages between urban growth, food insecurity and levels of human development. It uses statistical modelling to analyse this. So far, there have not been systematic analyses on how urbanisation affects contemporary food insecurity risks or how these potential risks are likely to be mitigated by increases in human development. »

July 28, 2015Knowledge Portal
The short-term impact of price shocks on food security-Evidence from urban and rural Ethiopia

This study in the Food Security Journal, investigates the impact of food price changes on food security in urban and rural Ethiopia. The results indicate that increases in cereal prices are generally, but not always, associated with households having a lower number of meals and switching to less preferred foods. »

April 22, 2015Knowledge Portal
Reframing the debate on urbanisation, rural transformation and food security

This briefing by IIED highlights the need to adapt the rural-urban production-based debate on food security narratives: urban dwellers are not all ‘over consumers’; rural communities are not exclusively producers. The authors argue that it must be considered how consumption and urbanisation are transforming rural spaces and economies, food systems and food security. »