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September 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Assessing gender inequality in food security among smallholder farm households in urban and rural South Africa

This study in the World Development Journal, extends existing knowledge on household food (in)security by assessing gender inequality among small-holder farm households in urban and rural areas of South Africa. In doing-so, the authors use the gender of the head of household and treatment effects framework. With the ongoing changes in climate, household food insecurity is likely to be more widespread in most smallholder and subsistence farm households in sub-Saharan Africa. »

July 22, 2016Knowledge Portal
Effects of rural-urban youth migration on farm families in Benue state, Nigeria

The study in the International Journal of Agricultural Research, Innovation and Technology aimed to determine the effects of rural-urban youth migration on farm families in Benue state, Nigeria. The study recommends that Nigerian government should provide adequate physical and social infrastructure in rural areas in order to encourage youths to remain in agriculture, reduce rural-urban youth migration as well as sustain agriculture for enhanced food security. »

June 22, 2016Knowledge Portal
Investing to nourish India’s cities

This report investigates India’s challenges with regard to ensuring urban food security and the difference among urban resident groups in food security status. India is forecast to experience the largest increase in urban population of any country in the world. Cities are important for India’s economy and provide higher incomes, support increased consumption and access to quality food options. However, much of urban India is considered highly or moderately food insecure. »

April 19, 2016Knowledge Portal
Urban-rural linkages and their future: Impacts on agriculture, diets and food security

This article focuses on the urban-rural linkages in the emerging food system. Recent debates on food and agricultural issues emphasize the significance of the spatialization of food systems and location of agriculture. In this emerging food system geography, urban-rural relationships play a significant role in food value chains, food security and nutrition, which is still poorly understood. This presentation explores these issues based on rural-urban scenarios in 2050. »

March 23, 2016Knowledge Portal
Food coping strategies in northern Ghana: A socio-spatial analysis along the urban–rural continuum

This paper (PDF) in Agriculture & Food Security focuses on how households cope with food shortages and how these food coping strategies vary along the urban–rural continuum. In peri-urban and rural areas, gathering of wild food and selling of charcoal was widely practiced, while in urban areas, most households tended to reduce the number of »

March 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Growing food for growing cities: Urbanization as an opportunity for many small-scale farmers

This blog adresses the new market opportunities for small-scale farmers. The author argues that the demand from urban consumers who are buying food from newly available chain stores is swelling and huge quantities of food are bought in supermarkets. While innovations in urban or vertical farms have a niche role to play, the overwhelming majority of this food will be sourced domestically from rural areas. As such, growing urban markets offer a significant new economic opportunity for farmers. »