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November 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Changing agro-food systems: The impact of big agro-investors on food rights

This book presents case studies on changing agro-food systems in Southern Africa within the context of large-scale land-based and agri-business investments. By capturing the testimonies of local people in rural settings, with a particular focus on small-scale farmers, it aims to provide vivid accounts of the micro-level changes underway in agro-food systems in Southern Africa, and to reflect the experiences and perspectives of local people. »

November 24, 2016Knowledge Portal
New directions for inclusive pluralistic service systems, report of FAO expert consultation

This paper by FAO and KIT presents a synthesis of deliberations, and a set of policy recommendations and priority actions for pluralistic service systems (PSS). A growing variety of public and private agricultural advisory services are available today, leading to increasingly PSS. PSS hold the potential to overcome constraints related to funding, staffing and expertise, and making advisory services more demand-driven. But are PSS really able to reach the millions of farmers in need of services? »

November 15, 2016Knowledge Portal
Investing in women along agribusiness value chains

This report calls on the private sector to invest in closing gaps between men and women in agribusiness as it sees potential benefits from closing gender gaps for companies. For each stage in the value chain, the report helps companies identify potential benefits from closing gender gaps. The authors accomplished this by reviewing women’s contributions and constraints within each stage, outlining solutions for the private sector, demonstrating the business rationale for making gender-smart investments, and presenting best-practice case studies. »

September 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Achieving food security: the role of the public and private investments

To implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, developing countries will have to increasingly rely on domestic finance for investment in agriculture. As public funding for agriculture decreases, the role of private investment and, in particular, smallholder farmers, needs to be scaled up to achieve sustainable food security. In this expert opinion published on The Broker, Danko elaborates on the changing landscape of investing in food security and agriculture. »

January 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
Right to Food Journal: Supporting the struggle for the Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition

This journal elaborates on the increasing influence of transnational corporation over policy-making and its impact on the realization of the human right to food and nutrition. It was published on the occasion of Human Rights Day and features political and legal analyses of corporate influencing and stories from the ground. »

June 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
Gender opportunities and constraints in inclusive business models: the case study of Unifrutti in Mindanao, Philippines

This publication (PDF) by FAO adds to the debate around whether private investment in agriculture contributes to production growth, poverty reduction, food security and gender equality by case studies in the Philippines. Data and information were collected via key informant interviews, focus group discussions and direct observation. The report shows that investment models and contractual arrangements implemented by Unifrutti – a major private company producer, processor and exporter of pineapple and banana in the Mindanao Region – have had positive implications for the livelihood of the rural communities involved. »