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July 17, 2017Knowledge Portal
Improving accountability in agricultural investments: Reflections from legal empowerment initiatives in West Africa

This report focuses on the role of legal empowerment and grass root action to change the way investments in natural resources are happening and to protect rights and the environment to ensure more sustainability. A recent surge in agribusiness plantation deals has increased pressures on land in many low- and middle-income countries. »

July 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Improving the positive impacts of investments on smallholder livelihoods and the landscapes they live in

This working paper aims to to stimulate debate on how to improve positive impacts from investments on smallholder livelihoods and to move from ‘do no harm’ risk mitigation approach towards a ‘do good’ impact approach. Aimed primarily at investors, in just 15 pages it highlights how to work profitably and equitably with smallholders, and how to promote better land governance and livelihoods. »

June 7, 2017Knowledge Portal
The fund manager perspective: Moving the needle on inclusive agribusiness

This briefing note interrogates how different impact-oriented agribusiness funds combine public and private capital to build a more inclusive agricultural market. Agribusiness in emerging markets has seen an increase in private equity and other forms of investment. »

November 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
How small seed businesses can support climate-resilient value chains: Lessons from Uganda

This briefing note by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) focuses on investments by domestic seed companies in quality seeds, including climate-resilient varieties, in developing countries and the climate risk management (CRM) benefits for other actors along the value chain. »

November 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Private sector investment in a changing climate: Resilient rice value chain development in Uganda

This research from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) focused on private sector investment in a changing climate and aimed to explore how domestic private sector investments can support climate risk management along agricultural value chains. Two briefing notes and a video share the insights from case study research that was conducted in collaboration with a domestic seed company, Equator Seeds Ltd in Northern Uganda, and the Centenary Bank Ltd., a commercial bank in Eastern Uganda. »

November 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Changing agro-food systems: The impact of big agro-investors on food rights

This book presents case studies on changing agro-food systems in Southern Africa within the context of large-scale land-based and agri-business investments. By capturing the testimonies of local people in rural settings, with a particular focus on small-scale farmers, it aims to provide vivid accounts of the micro-level changes underway in agro-food systems in Southern Africa, and to reflect the experiences and perspectives of local people. »