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postharvest losses

February 8, 2017Knowledge Portal
Reducing postharvest losses during storage of grain crops to strengthen food security in developing countries

This article provides a comprehensive literature review of the grain postharvest losses in developing countries, the status and causes of storage losses and discusses the technological interventions to reduce these losses. Storage losses account for the maximum fraction of all postharvest losses for cereals in developing countries, and negatively affect the farmers’ livelihoods. The basics of hermetic storage, various technology options, and their effectiveness on several crops in different localities are discussed in detail. »

January 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
How access to energy can influence food losses

This report reviews the evidence to date focusing on the magnitude and geographical distribution of food losses. It especially scrutinizes the role of energy in post-harvest losses and the main entry points in the food value chain where lack of access to energy is the dominant factor influencing food losses. The report outlines low cost and off-grid post-harvest cooling and processing technologies that can be made fit-to-purpose in developing countries. »

Team Edanso wins Food Connection Challenge
November 11, 2016News
Team Edanso wins Food Connection Challenge
Theme: Food Wastage

On November 5, 2016, the Food Connection Challenge (FCC) Final took place at the Afrikadag in Amsterdam. Dutch students pitched their innovative business solutions, developed to address postharvest issues of Ghanaian companies. The teams used the innovative expertise of Dutch entrepreneurs to support their business cases and aimed at adapting these technologies to the Ghanaian »

October 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
A strategy for sustainable fisheries and aquaculture in the Volta Basin riparian countries’ post-harvest chains and regional trade

This report argues that fisheries and aquaculture are essential for food and nutrition security, employment, income generation and improved livelihoods in the Volta Basin, West Africa. This basin provides a significant number of fisheries and fisheries-related jobs, but operations face significant challenges including multifaceted issues, with inefficiencies at the upstream and downstream levels. »

Fruitful kick-off Food Connection Challenge
September 28, 2016Knowledge activity
Fruitful kick-off Food Connection Challenge
Theme: Food Wastage

“What a waste!”: is the first thought that comes to mind when you realize that in many food industries up to 40% of food produce gets wasted due to postharvest issues. The Food Connection Challenge (FCC) focuses on fit-to-purpose solutions for postharvest losses in Ghana. »

July 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Reducing food losses to protect domestic food security in the Middle East and North Africa

This article investigates several policy strategies to protect domestic food security through reducing food losses. The study scrutinizes three policy responses to rising world food prices in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. »