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September 30, 2020Knowledge Portal
Nutrition-sensitive investments in agriculture and food systems

This publication outlines methods and actions for countries to monitor nutrition-related spending in agriculture and food systems. To collect finance data in agriculture and food systems, the steps to follow include: Step 1 – Identification; Step 2 – Categorization; Step 3 – Vetting and Inclusion. »

August 26, 2020Knowledge Portal
PIM Annual Report 2019

The 2019 Annual Report showcases key outputs and outcomes achieved by PIM during the year. PIM research informed agricultural policies or investment plans, contributed to the scaling up of programmes and shaped strategic decisions. »

GCP-2 final factsheet: Follow the Food
July 24, 2020Research project
GCP-2 final factsheet: Follow the Food

One of the final findings of this GPC-2 project Follow the Food is that foreign investments in local food systems in Ethiopia, Kenya and Ghana focusing on improving productivity, product quality and income, are not necessarily leading to better food & nutrition conditions, because (cultural preferences, spending priorities) intervene. »

GCP-1 final factsheet: Helping poor farmers grow money in Sierra Leone
May 12, 2020Research project
GCP-1 final factsheet: Helping poor farmers grow money in Sierra Leone

The Global Challenges Programme (GCP) “Helping poor farmers grow money in Sierra Leone” published its final research results: local institutions are key to understand structural transformation of poor agrarian economies destabilized by foreign investment; and local community decision-making is significant to control Ebola. »

Seed Money Projects for International Partnerships
January 8, 2020Knowledge activity
Seed Money Projects for International Partnerships

The opportunities for the Dutch agri-food sector to cooperate with partners in Africa, Asia, and North and Central America have been explored in 16 Seed Money Projects (SMPs), financially supported by the Dutch Topsectors Agri & Food and Horticulture & Starting Materials. The results of these projects, carried out in 2019, were presented in a public meeting mid-December 2019. »

November 10, 2019Knowledge Portal
Inclusive business models in agri-food value chains: What safeguards for whom?

This article promotes inclusive business models as unique opportunities to combine profitability for firms needing reliable supply from small-scale farmers with market inclusion for those farmers. In environments with weak public institutions, such agreements may be conducive to sustainable income, yet costly or even impossible to enforce. »