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September 12, 2017Knowledge Portal
Healthy soils for productive and resilient agricultural landscapes

This brief assesses the impacts of various land restoration initiatives and discusses a range of tools to better tailor and target investments and interventions to local contexts. Healthy soils are essential for productive and resilient agricultural systems, and they are a means to mitigate climate change risks. »

Reflections about the Aid, Trade and Investment agenda in Kenya
July 21, 2017Knowledge activity
Reflections about the Aid, Trade and Investment agenda in Kenya

A group of Food Security Advisors and Agricultural Counselors from 12 Dutch embassies across Africa, Asia and the Netherlands visited Kenya from June 12 to 15, 2017. This article summarizes the reflections of three leading experts on the programs visited during that journey. The third expert also looks ahead: how can the Netherlands even be »

Highlights from Learning Platform on investments in Tanzania
June 27, 2017Expert opinion
Highlights from Learning Platform on investments in Tanzania
Theme: Land Governance

On April 27 and 28, 2017, a first multi-stakeholder Learning Platform on Land Governance and Food Security was organized in Ifakara, Tanzania. The Learning Platform creates space for dialogue and learning around land-based investments in agriculture and forestry in the Kilombero Valley in Tanzania. »

May 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agriculture and rural development in a globalizing world: Challenges and opportunities

This book addresses the challenges of reorienting agriculture and rural development in an environment of rapid structural transformation, globalization and urbanization. It provides a comprehensive review and assessment of the multi-faceted nature of agriculture and rural development, particularly in the developing world. »

April 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making creativity a job engine for rural Africa: Panel discussion highlights role of young entrepreneurs

This article describes the main messages of a panel discussion on youth employment in rural Africa. One of the important challenge for Africa will be to make the rural economy a place of opportunity for the young. According to the young Africans who attended the discussion, one of the reasons that this is not yet happening is the lack of investment. »

March 30, 2017Knowledge Portal
Small-scale soya farming can outperform large-scale agricultural investments

This briefing by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) highlights how small- and mediumscale farm models can outperform large-scale operations in terms of monetary return, food security, employment generation, local prosperity and avoiding land conflicts. With the right support, poorer households can develop market-oriented farming that contributes to local value chains at many levels. »