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April 27, 2017Knowledge Portal
Groundwater depletion embedded in international food trade

This letter discusses the connection between groundwater depletion and global food consumption. Recent hydrological modelling and Earth observations have located and quantified alarming rates of groundwater depletion worldwide. This depletion is primarily due to water withdrawals for irrigation, but its connection with the main driver of irrigation, global food consumption, has not yet been explored. The letter analyzes regional and crop-specific groundwater depletion data to identify areas of concern. »

March 13, 2017Knowledge Portal
A global analysis of land take in cropland areas and production displacement from urbanization

This article analyses urban land take in cropland areas for the years 2000 and 2040, using a land systems approach. The results show that future urban expansion is primarily expected in areas that are also suitable and available for cropland, thus suggesting a continued competition for land between urban expansion and food production. »

February 15, 2017Knowledge Portal
The number, size, and distribution of farms, smallholder farms, and family farms worldwide

This article scrutinizes the link between farm size and farmland distribution and its contribution to food security, reduction of poverty and decreasing inequality. Many advocates emphasize the importance of “smallholder farming” or “family farming”, however there is a lack of data. »

June 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Global gender and environment outlook: The critical issues

The first Global Gender and Environmental Outlook presents an overview of critical evaluations and analyses of the interlinkages between gender and the environment. It shows their importance for gender-sensitive policy-making and actions and provides an overview of existing knowledge on these subjects. »

Agricultural policy to stem migration: A look at Syria and the Sahel
April 12, 2016News
Agricultural policy to stem migration: A look at Syria and the Sahel

Can the EU stem migration flows to Europe by supporting agriculture in countries of origin? In some situations, it can. The impact could be particularly large if Europe worked to increase the resilience of the food system and the people in countries with self-sustaining farming, thereby reducing reasons to migrate. Yet in countries that rely on market-oriented farming, the context is too complex to find a simple solution. »

July 15, 2015Knowledge Portal
How can we improve agriculture, food and nutrition with open data?

This discussion paper elaborates on the role of open data in solving practical problems in agriculture and nutrition sectors. The authors state that alongside the challenges the world faces with regard to food security, there are also great opportunities due to the emerging global data infrastructure. The paper highlights three ways open data can contribute to increase food security. »