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May 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Rural women’s participation in producer organizations: An analysis of the barriers that women face and strategies to foster equitable and effective participation

This paper analyzes the factors that hinder women’s participation in producer organizations and aims to identify and document good practice that can be applied by agricultural research and development institutions. In the last decades, participation in producer organizations has become a key principle of development, enabling people’s empowerment, inclusiveness, and facilitating democracy. However, studies show that women and youth often remain excluded from participation and leadership roles, decision-making processes and services. This review identifies several factors as major barriers for women’s participation. »

April 12, 2016Knowledge Portal
Bringing gender analysis and resilience analysis together in small scale fisheries research: Challenges and opportunities

This working paper scrutinizes the challenges and opportunities for bringing a gender analysis together with an analysis of social-ecological resilience in the context of policy-orientated small-scale fisheries research. The authors argue that whilst the analysis of social-ecological resilience has made valuable contributions to integrating social dimensions into research and policy-making on natural resource management, it has so far demonstrated limited success in effectively integrating considerations of gender equity. »

January 7, 2016Knowledge Portal
Food Wars: The global battle for mouths, minds and markets, 2nd edition

A new edition of Food wars, a book written by Tim Lang and Michael Heasman, was published by Routledge. Food wars can be understood as a war declaration against nowadays food-world. This new edition brings new developments since the first edition fully up to date within the original analytical framework of competing paradigms or worldviews shaping the direction and decision-making within food politics and policy. »

November 12, 2015Knowledge Portal
Cultivating equality: Delivering just and sustainable food systems in a changing climate

This report shows how inequality determines diets around the world and shapes the ability of farmers to adapt to climate change. Inequality determines who eats first and who eats worst, and how this shapes people’s ability to adapt to climate change. The report argues that solutions around food production are not enough, and demands more dialogue and action to address inequality in food systems. »