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February 4, 2019Knowledge Portal
Farmer seed systems and sustaining peace

This discussion paper examines the role of farmers’ seed systems in sustaining peace, with a focus on social cohesion as a pathway to positive local collective action. The paper reveals that certain characteristics of farmers’ seed systems do contribute to sustaining peace, highlighting the two-way interaction of peace-building and agricultural development. »

January 2, 2019Knowledge Portal
Food systems in protracted crises: Strengthening resilience against shocks and conflicts

This literature review provides an overview of the recent evidence on what food systems look like in protracted crises and the interventions mentioned in the literature to build more resilient food systems against shocks and conflicts. Interventions in food systems that increase food security and nutrition are important to reduce violence and conflict and to become more resilient to shocks. »

Scoping mission to implement UNSCR 2417 on hunger and conflict in Horn of Africa
December 12, 2018Knowledge activity
Scoping mission to implement UNSCR 2417 on hunger and conflict in Horn of Africa
Theme: Food security and stability

From November 10 to 22, the F&BKP participated in a scoping mission to Sudan and Somalia organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Purpose of the mission was to inform an upcoming regional resilience programme (FNS-REPRO) that intends to operationalize and implement UNSC Resolution 2417 on hunger and conflict in the Horn of Africa. »

November 30, 2018Knowledge Portal
Conflict and hunger: The lived experience of conflict and food insecurity in South Sudan

This report seeks to understand how conflict affects individuals, groups and communities, the different mechanisms by which conflict affects food security and what opportunities remain for mitigating the impact of conflict on hunger. The study documents conflict’s devastating impact on food security in areas both acutely and less directly affected by violence. »

November 26, 2018Knowledge Portal
Food security and conflict: Empirical challenges and future opportunitites for research and policy making on food security and conflict

This article emphasizes the endogeneity that characterizes the coupling between food (in)security and violent conflict. While the policy community has pushed forward with new programs, the academic debate about the causal linkages between food security and conflict remains debated. Closing data gaps will be essential for producing effective food security and peacebuilding policies. »

September 12, 2018Knowledge Portal
Armed conflict and food security in West Africa: Socioeconomic perspective

This paper examines the effect on increasing armed conflict on food security in Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) member countries. The findings reveal that armed conflict is a significant predictor of food security in West Africa.  »