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adaptation to climate change

February 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Tree-based production systems for Africa’s drylands

This book, published by the World Bank, identifies some of the most promising investment opportunities at the level of tree-based systems, species (products), and well-defined management practices for accelerating rural economic growth in the drylands. This book is one of a series of thematic books prepared for the study, “Confronting Drought in Africa’s Drylands: Opportunities for Enhancing Resilience.”Trees, with their deep rooting systems, maintain their standing value and offer some production even in drought years. »

January 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
Building adaptive capacity and improving food security in semi-arid Eastern Kenya

This info-note elaborates on the adaptive capacity and improved food security in East-Kenya. Wote, located in a semi-arid zone of eastern Kenya, is characterized by highly weathered soils. Soil erosion is rampant due to lack of adequate vegetation cover at the beginning of the rainy seasons, and also due to the sparse shrubs. Land degradation and limited soil fertility replenishment have contributed to reduction in agricultural productivity, reducing potential crop yields due to soil nutrient depletion. »

December 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Agriculture initiatives and COP22

This factsheet by Nordic Co-opearation takes stock of key regional and global initiatives related to agriculture and climate change, which have been launched in the period from 2005 to 2016. It identifies strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats across these, as well as highlighting success factors. Many countries across the region face similar challenges for agricultural adaptation and mitigation, and sharing best practices, on policies as well as on projects on the ground, can help increase success rates and cut cost. »

December 3, 2016Knowledge Portal
Processes of adaptation in farm decision-making models. A review

This article in the Agronomy for Sustainable Development Journal, reviews processes of adaptation in farm decision-making models. The authors review bio-economic and bio-decision models, in which strategic and tactical decisions are included in dynamic adaptive and expectation-based processes, in 40 literature articles. »

November 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
Private sector investment in a changing climate: Resilient rice value chain development in Uganda

This research from the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) focused on private sector investment in a changing climate and aimed to explore how domestic private sector investments can support climate risk management along agricultural value chains. Two briefing notes and a video share the insights from case study research that was conducted in collaboration with a domestic seed company, Equator Seeds Ltd in Northern Uganda, and the Centenary Bank Ltd., a commercial bank in Eastern Uganda. »

November 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Mapping climate change adaptive capacity and vulnerability of smallholder agricultural livelihoods in Central America: ranking and descriptive approaches to support adaptation strategies

This article published by the Climate Change Journal addresses the potential impact of climate change on suitability for major crops and adaptive capacity using indicators of basic human needs, as well as resources for innovation and action framed in a livelihoods approach. The article add to the mounting evidence that rising temperatures and longer, more intense dry seasons could redraw the agricultural map of Central America. »