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adaptation to climate change

October 17, 2016Knowledge Portal
The state of food and agriculture: Climate change, agriculture and food security

This annual publication elaborates on the relations between climate change, agriculture and food security and argues that without adaptation to climate change it will not be possible to achieve food security for all and eradicated hunger, malnutrition and poverty. In the publication it is emphasized that smallholders’ adaptation to climate change is critical; integrated policies are needed; and that there is a need for more meaningful climate finance to facilitate the transition to sustainable agricultural practices. »

October 17, 2016Knowledge Portal
Climate analogues suggests limited potential for intensification of production on current croplands under climate change

This article provides a complementary method of assessing the effect of climate change on crop yields. By combining observations of current maximum-attainable yield with climate analogues, strong reductions in attainable yields of major cereal crops are found across a large fraction of current cropland by 2050. »

August 26, 2016Knowledge Portal
A preventable crisis: El Nino and La Nina events need earlier responses and a renewed focus on prevention

This report addresses various recommendations to deal with the current El Nino and the forecast of La Nina. According to Oxfam, El Nino was a broadly preventable crisis and the severity of El Nino’s impacts is a reflection of the world’s failure to provide comprehensive and long-term strategies to anticipate, prepare and adapt. To end this cycle of failure, there is an urgent need for humanitarian action where the situation is already dire, to prepare for La Niña later this year, to commit to comprehensive new measures to build communities’ resilience, and to mobilize global action to address climate change. »

July 28, 2016
Proceedings GACSA Annual Forum

During the GACSA Annual Forum, the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) community came together for 4 days under the theme CSA in Action. Governments, farmers, businesses, research organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and academia from various corners of the globe, came to Rome from 14-17 June with a common purpose; how to accelerate action on the three pillars of CSA (productivity, adaptation and mitigation). »

July 5, 2016Knowledge Portal
Agriculture and adaptation to climate change: The role of insurance in risk management – the case of Colombia

This paper by the Inter-American Development Bank, analyzes in detail the market constraints on the development of the agricultural insurance market in Colombia and provides recommendations so that it can fulfill its potential as a risk management tool in the country. Insurance can potentially play an important role in climate change adaptation for rural households in developing countries as part of the overall climate change adaptation strategy. However, agricultural insurance markets have many market failures that inhibit their full development. »

June 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
Understanding farmers’ indicators in climate-smart agriculture prioritization in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT).

This book presents a study that identifies indicators that farmers use to prioritize agricultural innovations, in general and climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in particular. The study was held in Kilolo and Mbarali Districts in the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania. Using a participatory approach, the study finds that yield, income, cost, labour, availability of inputs and equipment, time, and knowledge are important indicators for farmers to prioritize agricultural practices that they implement. »