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The Broker is a think net on globalization and development. We seek to deepen and broaden understanding and provide governments, NGOs and companies with strategic and practical advice. Our strength lies in connecting networks of scientists, academics, policy-makers and practitioners. Not only by bringing them together, but also by synthesizing their knowledge.


Doing more, doing less, doing different: room for improvement in the Dutch food security policy

There is great potential for the Dutch food security agenda to be more effective when a food system approach, the ambition of leaving no one behind and local knowledge gain a more central role. This was the main conclusion from the multi-stakeholder dialogue on the recent IOB evaluation of the Dutch food security policy, on May 31, 2018 in Wageningen. »

Turning the food system around to achieve inclusive nutrition security

Breakout session 1 of IOB public dialogue Dutch food security policy on May 31, 2018. Food availability and access alone are not enough to realize nutrition security. To improve what the Dutch food security agenda contributes to the global goal of reducing hunger and malnutrition, future policy should shift focus. »

Making agricultural transformation more inclusive

Breakout session 2 of IOB public dialogue Dutch food security policy on May 31, 2018. Although Dutch food security policy has contributed to better availability of and access to food, the social inclusiveness effects of food security programmes seemed less positive and were a cause for debate. Participants in the breakout session “inclusive agricultural transformation and rural transition” presented various views on how improvements can be made. »

Future PPPs: transformative engines contributing to public objectives

Breakout session 3 of IOB public dialogue Dutch food security policy on May 31, 2018. The private sector plays an important role in all phases of the food system. It is evident that the Dutch government needs to collaborate with private enterprises amongst others in implementing its food security policy. »