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Steering committee

The Food & Business Knowledge Platform is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and until the end of 2019 was supervised by a Steering Committee of authoritative representatives from knowledge institutes, the business community, government and civil society. In the transition period towards the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP) a new governance model is being put in place. 

The members of the Steering Committee (SC) represented the four corners of the Dutch Diamond: knowledge institutes, the private sector, government and civil society. Together, they were responsible for the F&BKP strategy.

Another specific task of the Steering Committee was to advise on the scope and priorities of the two research funds managed by NWO-WOTRO: the Global Challenges Programme (GCP) and the Applied Research Fund (ARF).

Transition to NFP

In view of the establishment of the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP), all members of the KP Steering Committee stepped down at the end of 2019. A new governance model has been put in place to guide the transition of the current KP and AgriProFocus into the Netherlands Food Partnership.

In the year 2020 the current KP and AgriProFocus are blended to form the Office of the NFP. The process leading to an established NFP and a legal entity will be guided by an NFP Steering Committee of five members. They will have expertise on multi-stakeholder partnerships, food systems, inter-organizational learning and collective impact. The Steering Committee will assist in kick starting NFP, advise on turning strategy plans into organizational changes, recruit an NFP director, approve work plans and will guide the transition to a legal entity.