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The Netherlands Food Partnership

Netherlands Food Partnership

During 2020, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) and AgriProFocus are transforming into the Netherlands Food Partnership (NFP). The NFP was officially launched during World Food Day on October 16, 2019, with the mission to boost transformative approaches for sustainable food systems and healthy diets. The main contributions of the NFP are connect, innovate and scale: connecting relevant Dutch expertise; stimulating cutting edge interventions; and promoting Dutch solutions and expertise to create scale.

Building on the vision document ‘This is NFP’, the newly published ‘NFP Profile’ describes how the NFP will function in practical terms. The core of the NFP is to accelerate the formation of coalitions which apply transformative approaches for impact. Coalitions can be focused on transformative research, policy, or implementation approaches for sustainable food systems and healthy diets. These services will include:

  1. Connect people: Bringing the right people together around their transformative ideas
  2. Connect knowledge: Collecting, connecting and combining knowledge of all involved stakeholders
  3. Foster innovation: Creating experimental space to prototype new approaches and solutions

The NFP also provides services to promote and share Dutch expertise. The NFP shares the experience of coalitions among Dutch Diamond actors and connects Netherlands expertise to the rest of the world and. These services will include:

  1. Learn from each other: organise reflection and learning about what works/doesn’t work
  2. Communicate Netherlands food expertise

At the heart of NFP is a lean platform organisation that will catalyse action and coordinate NFP activities. During 2020, F&BKP and AgriProFocus are transforming into this NFP organisation, a service provider to Dutch enterprises, civil society, knowledge institutes and governments.

Please visit the NFP website, where you can also subscribe to the NFP Newsletter.