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November 15, 2018Knowledge Portal
Delivering on the promise of transformational change: What does it take for Dutch-supported PPPs?

This paper presents the main lessons from Dutch-supported public–private partnerships (PPPs) in food security and water, provides building blocks for making PPPs deliver on the SDGs, with fundamental implications for key partners in PPPs and policymakers. Taking into account the lessons from Dutch-supported PPPs and their challenges, the Dutch PPP approach is in need of recalibration. »

November 12, 2018Knowledge Portal
Financing and public-private partnerships in water, sanitation & agri-food sectors

This exploration discusses the financing of development projects in food security and water primarily form the perspective of the commercial financier. Compared to other sectors, the food security and water sector are not seen as attractive to commercial investors, with as important reason their embedding in the public domain. »

October 26, 2018Knowledge Portal
What is the role of men in connecting women to cash crop markets? Evidence from Uganda

This paper aims to to shed light on whether an intervention targeted at men can achieve increases in women’s market participation in agriculture.These results suggest that simple encouragement can be an effective tool to nudge men to include their wives in household commercial activities.  »

October 9, 2018Knowledge Portal
PUM and the global dairy sector in emerging economies

This paper summarizes PUMs’ approach and shares lessons learned of several dairy programmes with different stakeholders in emerging economies. PUM’s dairy programmes reach out to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) along the value chains in emerging economies, reaching out to dairy farmers on a large scale. »

October 9, 2018Knowledge Portal
Making markets work for indigenous vegetables: Towards a sustainable food system in the Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya

This paper looks at how to increase awareness and willingness of consumer to buy indigenous vegetables, and to ultimately make markets work for them. One way to increase awareness would be to create labels or certificates to signal to consumer the sustainability benefits of indigenous vegetables. »

September 20, 2018Knowledge Portal
Scaling up agricultural interventions: Case studies of climate-smart agriculture

This paper addresses the advantages and disadvantages of specific approaches that hold out promise for scaling up climate-smart agriculture (CSA). If CSA is meaningfully to address the development challenges posed by climate change effective approaches will be needed to scale up research findings. »