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East Africa

September 5, 2017Knowledge Portal
Policy support for sustainable crop intensification in Eastern Africa

This article looks at the level of policy support for Sustainable Crop Intensification (SCI) in Eastern Africa. Designing and implementing policies that address the bottlenecks to SCI interventions is pertinent to address low crop productivity. However, little attention is geared towards analyzing the existing policies and examining their provision in addressing the key challenges. »

August 14, 2017Knowledge Portal
Innovations improve farming yield and earnings

This news item discusses several new, technological innovation by Feed the Future that help farmers in East Africa. From technological innovations, like iProcure Ltd, smallholder farmers are able to get quality inputs for better productivity. »

June 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Food consumption patterns in light of rising incomes, urbanization and food retail modernization

This PhD dissertation provides new insight into the nature of the diet transformation that is unfolding in Eastern and Southern Africa, and on some of its drivers and effects. It considers the effects of income and urbanization on the commodity makeup and source of foods in household diets, including processed foods. »

May 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Compositional dynamics of multilevel innovation platforms in agricultural research for development

Innovation platforms (IPs) form a popular vehicle in agricultural research for development (AR4D) to facilitate stakeholder interaction, agenda setting, and collective action toward sustainable agricultural development. This article in the Science and Public Policy Journal, aims to systematically research the dynamics of stakeholder composition throughout IPs and tries to analyze how seven ‘key functions’ of the innovation process are fulfilled. »

April 11, 2017Knowledge Portal
Assessing use of the Mazzican to transport and improve milk quality in Tanzania

This report presents results of field testing a new and affordable food grade plastic container (the “Mazzican“) to assess acceptability and validate its efficacy to improve the bacteriological quality of milk when it is used for handling and transportation of raw milk by agro-pastoralists and smallholder farmers. »

April 3, 2017Knowledge Portal
Mainstreaming ecosystem services and biodiversity into agricultural production and management

This series of Technical Guidance Documents by FAO and the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) addresses the need for mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services into agriculture, at the national level. More specifically, it is aimed to assist countries in developing and implementing their National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSA Ps), to consider ecosystem services – and opportunities for their management – in agricultural production systems. »