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Improved varieties of spider plant for Africa (Benin and Kenya)

ARF1.3-5 Improved varieties of spider plant for Africa
Image: Project research team (by: Hortitechs Development)

Project description

Aim: Raising awareness of the nutritional characteristics of the spider plant (Cleome gynandra) and promoting its cultivation and consumption in Benin and Kenya. Nutritious, high-yielding and adapted cultivars of spider plant will be made available for vegetable production systems in Benin and Kenya at the end of this project.

Objective: Contribute to improved food and nutritional security for local communities and increased livelihoods for farmers.

Method: Screening of a worldwide collection of spider plant for nutritive value, drought resistance and leaf yield will be conducted and new varieties will be developed using genomics assisted breeding. Participatory varietal selection will be carried out with farmers and consumers in Benin and Kenya. Knowledge will be generated and disseminated through partnership with farmers’ associations, national agricultural research systems, supermarkets and restaurants.

Countries: Benin and Kenya.

Dutch policy goals: Increased sustainable agricultural production; and Improved access to nutrition.

Duration: January 2015 – January 2018


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