Marion Herens

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Food & Business Knowledge Platform

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Senior Knowledge Broker

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Marion Herens has over 25 years of experience in food and nutrition security in international development cooperation as well as in health and physical promotion in the Netherlands. For more than ten years she has worked for several national and international organizations like SNV and FAO in various countries and has been involved in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of multi-sectoral food and nutrition security programs and projects. In 1998 Marion moved back to the Netherlands and continued her career in the field of health promotion. Her work involved formulating, implementing and evaluating lifestyle interventions and health policy at national and international level. She has facilitated many interactive planning processes, and is a skilled trainer. Recently, she finalized her PhD in which she evaluated the impact of Dutch community-based physical activity programs targeting socially vulnerable groups.

Marion’s current position of food and nutrition security expert at  Wageningen Centre for Development InnovationCDI) brings her back to her original field of interest. She is taking up the challenge to integrate her knowledge and research skills in health promotion with food and nutrition security issues worldwide. From CDI, Marion is working as a senior knowledge broker at the Office of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.


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