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Adrie Papma is Associate Director of Oxfam International. Adrie worked at the University of Leiden, SNV, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Hivos. Since the early nineties she joined Oxfam Novib and fulfilled various functions, starting as an expert on food security and nutrition, worked in various international campaigns of Oxfam, – such as Make Trade Fair-, leading the alliance building. In 2002 she joined the Board of Directors of Oxfam Novib and was amongst others responsible for alliance building and for the relations with the private sector (agri-food business, financial sector). She has been leading various campaigns in The Netherlands such as De Groene Sint – campaign for sustainable cacao and De Eerlijke Bankwijzer – campaign for sustainable banking. Today she is working with Oxfam International to give shape to the Oxfam of the future.

Adrie has performed several governance roles of amongst others INTRAC, World Social Forum, Partos, EVS, IDH, AIV/COS, Agriprofocus, Begeleidingscommissie Campagne WUF Food for Thought – Thought for Food. She studied Sociology at Wageningen University and The Hague Institute of Social Studies.


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