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Vision & Strategy


The Food & Business Knowledge Platform is the gateway to knowledge for food and nutrition security. Connecting business, science, civil society and policy.

The Platform invites networks and organizations from local, regional and global levels to participate in the Platform. Come share, improve and generate new knowledge on food systems at a time when the world is facing multiple challenges.

Our vision

Nearly one-ninth of the world’s population suffers from chronic hunger. And the world’s population is projected to reach 9.7 billion in 2050. Thus, the demands on land, water and climate, as well as the supply of affordable and good quality food, are growing significantly.

Global food security faces three main challenges: to eradicate hunger and malnutrition, to increase food production, and to create inclusive and ecologically sustainable food systems. The Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) seeks to facilitate a better understanding of how food systems work and how they can be strengthened.

What is the F&BKP?

The F&BKP is one of the five Knowledge Platforms for global development initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Within this Platform, international networks and organizations of business, science, civil society and policy collaborate in the field of food and nutrition security. They identify knowledge issues that are relevant now and in the future and initiate learning and research. The Platform disseminates lessons learned and highlights promising innovations that will contribute to local and global food security.

Collaboration between stakeholders in and related to food value chains is essential for food security and encourages co-creation. The role of the private sector is of significant importance within the Platform as farmers, processors, distributors and retailers are crucial players for food security.

Our strategic goals

The F&BKP aims to stimulate long-term changes to increase food security in emerging economies and developing countries. Our strategic goals include:

  • Improve relevance and efficient use of Dutch, local and international knowledge and research capacity.
  • Strengthen food and nutrition security policies and programmes in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • Facilitate knowledge and research that are suitable for Dutch and local entrepreneurs and increase investments and collaboration from the Dutch private sector in low- and middle-income countries.

Three pillars of activities in the F&BKP

The supporting work of the F&BKP Office and the activities of actors that participate in the Platform are sub-divided into three pillars.

The first pillar, “Knowledge Portal”, is an online portal with reports, briefs, toolkits and articles on key topics. It provides overviews, disseminates knowledge and inspires professionals by presenting good practices and cutting edge knowledge. The items are selected and shared by F&BKP Office Knowledge Brokers and the wider F&BKP network of partners and experts in the field of food and nutrition security.

Within the second pillar of “Strategic Partnerships”, networks are supported through sharing knowledge, co-creating and deepening existing knowledge and translating knowledge into policy and practice. The F&BKP Office facilitates studies and events to improve knowledge sharing on key themes of the Dutch global food and nutrition agenda.

The role of the F&BKP Office in the third pillar, “Food and Nutrition Research” is two-fold. Reflecting on current and future challenges in food and nutrition security, the F&BKP and the Steering Committee prepare the scopes of NWO-WOTRO’s Food & Business Research (FBR) funds. In collaboration with NWO-WOTRO, the F&BKP Office actively supports FBR research teams to improve research impact on practice and policy

Food & Business Knowledge Platform - 3 pillars

What can you do in the F&BKP?

  • Disseminate relevant research results, good practices and innovative approaches;
  • Create synthesis documents, overview articles, policy papers and other (visual) materials;
  • Organize (international) online or offline dare-to-share dialogues and debates;
  • Jointly develop a focused knowledge agenda and innovation strategies;
  • Establish (international) learning partnerships;
  • Feed policy in the field of food and nutrition security;
  • Organize (international) conferences;
  • Translate research results and learning experiences into practice;
  • Receive assistance in exploring (national and international) research funds.

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