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December 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Strengthening agricultural water efficiency and productivity on the African and global Level

This report by FAO targets agricultural water extension agents and technical experts, providing them with clear indications on how to improve water harvesting capacity for agricultural production as well as how to select feasible and suited water harvesting techniques for different geographical areas. The assessment outlined in this report forms part of the ‘Strengthening Agricultural Water Efficiency and Productivity on the African and Global Level’ project. »

April 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Gender, agriculture and water insecurity

This report links gender to agriculture and water insecurity. It explains how and why improved water management on the farm matters for women and girls, and what can be done to better support opportunities for them, as well as for men and boys, in the face of climate change. Rural female farmers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate variability and water insecurity. Thus, policy and programme implementation for water insecurity must consider social norms around gender and other drivers of inequality. »

February 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Overcoming food security challenges within an energy/water/food nexus approach

This article argues that to overcome food security challenges, the application of an energy, water and food nexus approach is needed. This can be done following three main pathways: employing sustainable production methods in agriculture, changing diets, and reducing waste in all stages of the food chain. »

Building resilience for Palestinian farmers
March 30, 2015Expert opinion
Building resilience for Palestinian farmers

Resilience is probably one of the most fashionable terminologies in today’s humanitarian and developmental debates. According to the OECD Development Assistance Committee, resilience means that states can better withstand environmental, political, economic and social shocks and stresses. It is about the ability of households, communities and nations to absorb and recover from shocks, whilst positively »

Vacancy Senior consultant on agri-economics and water management
January 26, 2015News
Vacancy Senior consultant on agri-economics and water management

Aidenvironment is a value-driven, independent, not-for-profit consultancy addressing sustainability issues. At the moment, Aidenvironment is looking for a Senior consultant on agri-economics and water management to join the office in Amsterdam in March/April 2015. For full details on the vacancy and information on how to apply, please visit the website of Aidenvironment: Senior consultant on »