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water management

November 13, 2017Knowledge Portal
Building resilience through sustainable groundwater use

This brief elaborates on the importance of sustainable groundwater use and management for improved agricultural production. The authors argue that using groundwater for agricultural production has the potential to build resilience in food insecure regions of the world. »

April 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Soil and water conservation, and soil fertility management effects on rain water productivity of maize hybrid in Burkina Faso

This article assesses the combined effects of Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) practices and soil fertility management on rain water productivity of maize hybrid. On-farm experiments were carried out in two districts of Burkina Faso. The treatments were built as association of two SWC technologies combined with three fertilization options. It is found that the efficacy of SWC practices decrease with the increase in the mean annual rainfall. »

January 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
Building adaptive capacity and improving food security in semi-arid Eastern Kenya

This info-note elaborates on the adaptive capacity and improved food security in East-Kenya. Wote, located in a semi-arid zone of eastern Kenya, is characterized by highly weathered soils. Soil erosion is rampant due to lack of adequate vegetation cover at the beginning of the rainy seasons, and also due to the sparse shrubs. Land degradation and limited soil fertility replenishment have contributed to reduction in agricultural productivity, reducing potential crop yields due to soil nutrient depletion. »

December 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Strengthening agricultural water efficiency and productivity on the African and global Level

This report by FAO targets agricultural water extension agents and technical experts, providing them with clear indications on how to improve water harvesting capacity for agricultural production as well as how to select feasible and suited water harvesting techniques for different geographical areas. The assessment outlined in this report forms part of the ‘Strengthening Agricultural Water Efficiency and Productivity on the African and Global Level’ project. »

April 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Gender, agriculture and water insecurity

This report links gender to agriculture and water insecurity. It explains how and why improved water management on the farm matters for women and girls, and what can be done to better support opportunities for them, as well as for men and boys, in the face of climate change. Rural female farmers are becoming increasingly vulnerable to climate variability and water insecurity. Thus, policy and programme implementation for water insecurity must consider social norms around gender and other drivers of inequality. »

February 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Overcoming food security challenges within an energy/water/food nexus approach

This article argues that to overcome food security challenges, the application of an energy, water and food nexus approach is needed. This can be done following three main pathways: employing sustainable production methods in agriculture, changing diets, and reducing waste in all stages of the food chain. »