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Video impression public seminar “The potential of value chains for nutrition”
April 25, 2018Knowledge activity
Video impression public seminar “The potential of value chains for nutrition”

A video impression of the public seminar “The potential of value chains for nutrition: Knowledge exchange for better informed policies and practices”, which took place on February 16 in Addis Ababa. »

April 24, 2018Knowledge Portal
Value chains for nutrition in South Asia: Who delivers, how, and to whom?

This issue of the IDS Bulletin aims to analyse existing (or potential) agri-food value chain pathways for delivering nutritious foods from agriculture to vulnerable populations in South Asia. »

April 17, 2018Knowledge Portal
Examples of research for development approaches to benefit the livestock sector in LMICs – ILRI’s approach

This report provides examples of how ILRI and its many partners are helping to meet specific SDGs. Targeted investment in sustainable livestock research for development can provide much more food to nourish the world’s rapidly growing population. »

April 16, 2018Knowledge Portal
Financing agriculture for a more profitable rural economy

This policy brief discusses finance for agri-value chains. Throughout Africa, concerted efforts have been made to achieve structural economic transformation in agriculture, moving from basic, low-skilled production to diversified, higher value, more sophisticated and competitive production. »

April 5, 2018Knowledge Portal
Webinar series: Farmers’ access to data

This webinar series on farmers’ access to data is a follow-up of a face-to-face course. The first webinar is called ‘Data-driven agriculture overview’, the second ‘Key data for farmers’, and the third ‘Accelerating market adoptation and use of data by smallholders’. »

March 21, 2018Knowledge Portal
Developing nutrition-sensitive value chains in Indonesia

This report summarizes a number of studies to determine how to design nutrition-sensitive value chains for smallholders in Indonesia. The researchers suggest that strengthened value chains for foods could make business sense for smallholders and lay the foundations for a strong local food system that sustainably delivers nutritious foods for healthy diets. »