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February 25, 2020Knowledge Portal
Urban agriculture: Another way to feed cities

This magazine shines a light on the renaissance of (peri-)urban agriculture, its changing forms and technologies, its potential and limitations by a mixture of cross-disciplinary studies and reports from the field, from emering as well as developed economies. The magazine sets out the background for the rise of urban agriculture, identifies different types of urban agriculture and analyses successful programs . »

June 19, 2019Knowledge Portal
Growing food in the cities: Successes and new opportunities

This briefing discusses the development of urban agriculture in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, looking at successful urban agribusinesses and the innovations, partnerships and policy developments that are creating new opportunities in this field. Urban and peri-urban agriculture offers opportunities for productive employment in a sector with low barriers to entry. Many urban agriculture policies do not address commercial urban agriculture, agro-processing and value addition activities well. »

Improving urban food security : A success story
April 1, 2019Research project
Improving urban food security : A success story

This Story of change has been drafted in the context of the GCP project “Allotment gardens and food security in urban Africa” and outlines how support to urban poor, especially women in developing allotment gardens can provide their households with access to fresh foods. This success story about improving urban food security in Benin was written by members of the project research team,. »

November 27, 2018Knowledge Portal
Consolidating the current knowledge on urban agriculture in productive urban food systems: Learnings, gaps and outlook

This review looks at a breadth of novel insights that are indicative for sensible future development of urban agriculture, including new possibilities for nutrient circularity, opportunities for increased sustainability and open questions regarding logistics and economics and development pathways. »

Youth in Food: Opportunities for education and employment
November 23, 2018News
Youth in Food: Opportunities for education and employment
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

This issue of the Urban Agriculture Magazine explores challenges and solutions raised by migration pressures with a focus on youth employment in city region food systems.┬áIt involves practical examples from several countries and from small to mega-cities, urban, periurban and rural spaces. It explores opportunities for and barriers to youth employment along the entire food system. »

August 10, 2018Knowledge Portal
Land tenure and water sources for urban vegetable farmers in Asante-Mampong, Ghana

This study ooks at existing vegetable farmslands use arrangement, irrigation water sources, awareness of wastewater irrigatoin and willingsness of its practie in Ghana. Vegetable farming plays a significant role in urban societies, but issues of availability of land and water sources exists. »