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August 7, 2018Knowledge Portal
How African cities lead: Urban policy innovation and agriculture in Kampala and Nairobi

This study examines how citizens, civil society organizations, city governments and national bureaucrats in Kampala and Nairobi, East Africa, have interacted to produce policy innovation in agriculture. Cities are increasingly becoming focal points for agricultural policy change in Africa. »

July 3, 2018Knowledge Portal
Assessment of urban farmers access to agricultural credit and extension services in Kogi East senatorial district Nigeria

This study examined urban farmers access to agricultural credit and extension services, the study also assess the socioeconomic characteristics of urban farmers and the problem affecting urban and peri-urban agriculture. The targeted population for this study were urban and peri-urban farmers in Kogi East Senatorial District. Cluster sampling was used to sample farmers in each farmers cooperative society. »

March 12, 2018Knowledge Portal
Predicting youth participation in urban agriculture in Malaysia: insights from the theory of planned behavior and the functional approach to volunteer motivation

This study in the Agriculture and Human Values Journal examines factors associated with the decision of Malaysian youth to participate in a voluntary urban agriculture program. Drawing on the theories of planned behavior and the functional approach to volunteer motivation, the authors surveyed 890 students from a public university in Malaysia about their intention to join a new urban agriculture program. »

February 6, 2018Knowledge Portal
Cities, planning and urban food poverty in Africa

This chapter argues that there is a new role for urban planning (which in the African context takes the form of municipal spatial and land use planning) as a discipline to meet the food and nutrition security challenges facing African cities. Food insecurity has not historically been considered an urban planning issue. »

Vacancy RUAF Foundation
December 21, 2017News
Vacancy RUAF Foundation

RUAF Foundation is looking for a young consultant with work experience in urban food systems, urban agriculture, and policy and/or circular economy in the context of sustainable urban development. Duration of the contract is one year, starting February 1, 2018. Deadline for applications is January 10, 2018 »

December 20, 2017Knowledge Portal
Can agriculture create job opportunities for youth?

This blog reviews whether agriculture can provide job opportunities for youth. First, undoubtedly, the share of farming jobs is shrinking. Yet the process can only be sustained if labor productivity in farming increases, through innovation in production as well as better access to markets to sell the surplus. ICT is helping with both. »