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October 2, 2015Knowledge Portal
Global or local food chains? Uncovering the dilemmas in Senegal and Peru

This paper (PDF) by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), examines whether local or global food chains are better at delivering food security and safety, decent employment, protecting the environment and contributing to economic growth. Using case studies from Senegal and Peru, the authors show a new and complex reality that challenges ideological views about re-localising food production and consumption. It points to the dilemmas but also to the potential and limits of national policies and food chain practices in a context of market globalisation. »

August 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
Food price spikes and poor, small economies: What role for trade policies?

This paper in the African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics reviews conceptually, and then empirically for a sample of small and poor economies, the role of trade measures for achieving the social objective of assisting those hurt by sharp changes in food prices. »

May 28, 2015Knowledge Portal
Global changes, livestock and vulnerability: the social construction of markets as an adaptive strategy

In this publication (PDF) by the Center for International Forestry Research (Cifor), scientists argue that people in Mali use trade as a medium to adapt their way of life in the face of climate change and other forms of stress. This study highlights the importance of considering the social construction of livestock market systems and marketing behaviours as adaptive strategies of livestock producers to multiple changes »

Vice Versa special edition on food chains
May 11, 2015News
Vice Versa special edition on food chains

Vice Versa has published an English version of their special edition on food chains. The edition focuses on the effect of agricultural value chains on the development of farmers, on their incomes and the economy. Marc Broere and Joris Tielens state the following in their preface: “Much agricultural produce comes from small farmers in developing »

April 2, 2015Knowledge Portal
Climate change induced transformations of agricultural systems: insights from a global model

This study by IIASA researchers provides a global scenario analysis that covers nine different climate scenarios, 18 crops and 4 crop management systems, as well as the interactions between crop production, consumption, prices, and trade. It specifically examines adaptations that are investment-intensive and not easily reversible, such as building new water management infrastructure for irrigation, or increases and decreases to the production capacity of a region. »

PPPs: listen to the farmers
March 25, 2014Expert opinion
PPPs: listen to the farmers
Theme: Partnerships

Assuming a joint approach would unleash agricultural potential and strengthen the market, Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) have dominated global food security strategies. The debate highlights several strategies, for example, focusing on the local effects of knowledge-sharing through PPP networks, advocating linkages between sectors, or optimizing trade in a corridor approach. Within these approaches there is »