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April 8, 2020Knowledge Portal
Global food policy report 2020: Building inclusive food systems

The 2020 Global Food Policy Report focuses on the need to build inclusive food systems, both to ensure that marginalized and vulnerable people enjoy the benefits and opportunities that food systems can bring and to support sustainable development. »

November 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Pathways to prosperity: Rural and agricultural finance

This report analyzes the changing landscape of rural agricultural finance. With the changes comes an urgent need to develop improved frameworks for understanding the state of the sector. To do so, the authors introduce new models for understanding how rural clients, financial service providers, and the capital markets can effectively work together. »

February 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Shifts in the landscape: Increased pressure on rural land and livelihoods in Ghana

This briefing explores the increased pressure on rural land and livelihoods in Ghana due to competition for land an changes in land governance. In Ghana 70 per cent of the population are smallholder farmers who depend on the land for their basic needs. »

February 10, 2016Knowledge Portal
Enhancing rural labour productivity: Reaching the rural poor

This working paper scrutinizes to what extend agricultural development interventions have had a sustainable impact on the poorest rural households. The paper argues that conventional agronomic interventions, focused on raising land productivity through intensification often exclude the poorest households. The authors describe five factors that play a key role in allowing the rural poor to escape poverty. »

The future of our food
January 14, 2016Knowledge activity
The future of our food
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

On December 9, a seminar was held at CDI Wageningen on the topic of youth in agriculture. This item describes the results of the debates and highlights potential knowledge questions and activities that could emerge around the topic. »