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March 2, 2017Knowledge Portal
Early warning, early action: The innovations changing food crisis management

This article by Richard Choularton, a senior associate focused on food security and climate change at Tetra Tech International Development Services, gives five areas of innovation that enable earlier and more evidence-based responses to food crises, and help communities build resilience to climate change and disasters. »

February 24, 2017Knowledge Portal
Resilience and child malnutrition in Mali

This article in the Food Security journal explores the link between resilience and child malnutrition in Africa. Using detailed survey data from Mali, this paper examines whether the resilience capacity of households is a determinant of child malnutrition. The empirical evidence presented here demonstrates that higher resilience capacity is associated with both lower probability of having malnourished children. »

February 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Tree-based production systems for Africa’s drylands

This book, published by the World Bank, identifies some of the most promising investment opportunities at the level of tree-based systems, species (products), and well-defined management practices for accelerating rural economic growth in the drylands. This book is one of a series of thematic books prepared for the study, “Confronting Drought in Africa’s Drylands: Opportunities for Enhancing Resilience.”Trees, with their deep rooting systems, maintain their standing value and offer some production even in drought years. »

December 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Landscape approaches for mountain community sustainable development in a time of climate change: Policy consultation and South-South exchange workshop

The workshop on “Landscape approaches for mountain community sustainable development in a time of climate change: Policy consultation and South-South exchange” was organised by the Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy (CCAP, China), Asociación ANDES (Peru) and IIED, on 19-22 May 2016, in Lijiang and the Stone Village, Yunnan, China. The workshop brought together different stakeholders from China, Peru, the Albertine Rift region in Africa and UN agencies to explore the role of different community-led landscape approaches in agrobiodiversity conservation, climate resilience, with a particular focus on mountains. »

December 13, 2016Knowledge Portal
Building Africa’s great green wall: Restoring degraded drylands for stronger and more resilient communities

This publication by FAO presents efforts by FAO and partners on mapping the intervention area of the Great Green Wall initiative and restoration opportunities based on data gathered through Collect Earth and in support of presenting FAO’s effort at COP22 in Marrakech on 14. November 2016. the great green Wall for the sahara and the sahel initiative is Africa’s flagship initiative to build prosperity and resilience in over 20 countries around the Sahara. It was built to combat the effects of climate change and desertification and address food insecurity and poverty. »

September 25, 2016Knowledge Portal
Urban disasters and resilience in Asia

In this book published by Elsevier Chapter 11 is dedicated to urban food security in Asia. This chapter focuses on the issues of food security in terms of diminishing urban agriculture land. Comparative analyses of cases from developing urban centers in Asia are discussed in order to highlight the commonalities and differences employed to devise strategies »