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February 15, 2018Knowledge Portal
Poverty reduction during the rural–urban transformation

This article in the Journal of Policy Modeling, focuses on poverty reduction during the rural–urban transformation and argues that rural development is still more important than urbanisation. Given that a rapid population growth or rural–urban migration is likely to increase poverty, more emphasis should be placed on policies that enhance support for rural agricultural and non-agricultural sectors, according to the authors. »

June 21, 2017Knowledge Portal
Country-driven innovations and agrifood value chains for poverty and hunger reduction

This blog discusses a book chapter by IFPRI Director General Shenggen Fan. He suggests that more innovative, better focused, and more cost-effective measures are needed to more effectively address hunger. These innovations must be driven by developing countries themselves. »

September 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Non-farm work, food poverty, and nutrient availability in northern Ghana

This article analyzes the nexus between different types of non-farm work (own business, wage employment, and their combination) and household food nutrient availability in northern Ghana. Despite the significant economic development in Ghana, northern Ghana has made little progress. Nationally, households engaged in the non-farm work are less likely to be categorized as poor, relative to those engaged in farming only. »

May 4, 2016Knowledge Portal
Is inclusive business for you? Managing and upscaling an inclusive company – lessons from the field

This publication by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI) and The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) provides readers with a valuable understanding of how agri-food markets can contribute to food security and rural poverty reduction, while still building profitable commercial relations. The report gives the outcomes of the ‘From Islands of Success to Seas of Change’ initiative on scaling inclusive agri-food markets. »

March 8, 2016Knowledge Portal
Determinants and welfare effects of smallholder participation in horticultural markets in Zambia

This article in the African Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, examines smallholder participation in horticultural markets in Zambia, with two main questions in mind: 1) who participates in horticultural markets? and 2) how does participation affect household income and other welfare outcomes? »

February 10, 2016Knowledge Portal
Enhancing rural labour productivity: Reaching the rural poor

This working paper scrutinizes to what extend agricultural development interventions have had a sustainable impact on the poorest rural households. The paper argues that conventional agronomic interventions, focused on raising land productivity through intensification often exclude the poorest households. The authors describe five factors that play a key role in allowing the rural poor to escape poverty. »