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mitigation to climate change

February 9, 2016Knowledge Portal
Urban versus conventional agriculture, taxonomy of resource profiles: a review

This article in the Agronomy for Sustainable Development Journal review knowledge on urban versus conventional agriculture. Urban agriculture appears to be a means to combat the environmental pressure of increasing urbanization and food demand. However, there is hitherto limited knowledge of the efficiency and scaling up of practices of urban farming. The authors review the claims on urban agriculture’s comparative performance relative to conventional food production. »

February 8, 2016Knowledge Portal
Agroecology in Africa: Mitigation the old new way

This article is highlighting the way millions of African farmers, with their indigenous systems, adapt to climate change. 33 case studies released by the Oakland Institute demonstrate with facts and figures how an agricultural transformation respectful of the farmers and their environment can yield immense economic, social, and food security benefits while also fighting climate change and restoring soils and the environment. »

August 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
Climate-smart agriculture: towards sustainable landscapes and food systems mobilizing science for transitions

The 3rd Global Science Conference on Climate-Smart Agriculture, took place in Montpellier, France, in March 2015. This statement summarises the conclusions of the meeting, which will be channeled to the UNFCCC negotiators meeting in Paris in December 2015 for the COP 21. »

August 6, 2015Knowledge Portal
Advances in climate change adaptation research

The AfricaInteract Continental Conference was held in Nairobi, Kenya in March 2015. More than 200 delegates attended the conference. At the conference, this synthesis report (PDF) on adaptation on climate change in Africa was launched. The report contains findings and assessment of gaps in research and policy on three separate themes: urban areas, agriculture and health. It provides a synthesis of key headline findings from 12 regional reviews on research-policy linkages on adaptation in sub-Saharan Africa. »

August 4, 2015Knowledge Portal
Restoring community livelihoods and food security through livestock asset during drought disasters: case study of Mwingi, Kenya

This article (PDF) in The African Journal of Food, Agriculture, and Development elaborates on mitigation strategies used to prevent the impact of droughts on livestock and food security in Mwingi, Kenya. Since in Mwingi, people’s primary source of income is keeping livestock, the impacts on livelihoods were severe when during a previous drought almost half of the livestock died. Therefore a new integrated and collaborative approach was developed to mitigate both immediate and long-term effects. »

July 15, 2015Knowledge Portal
Increasing agricultural production and resilience through improved agrometeorological services

This publication (PDF) is intended to support the World Bank project “Agroweather Tools for Adapting to Climate Change” in increasing the adaptive capacity of farming communities in Kenya and Ethiopia. The author refers to the creation of financially sustainable weather observation networks in Guinea and the Philippines that are likely applicable to many developing settings, including those of East Africa and the Horn of Africa. The study recommends investment in early warning systems for weather and investment in climate-smart agriculture to help farmers mitigate effects of harsh weather. »