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mitigation to climate change

October 4, 2016Knowledge Portal
Shifting food consumption to mitigate climate change is critical to fulfilling the Paris Agreement, but how?

This info note assessment the available measures to mitigate climate change through shifting food consumption and reveals some opportunities, particularly through linking with public health and other policy areas. Reducing emissions by changing consumption of foods with large greenhouse gas emissions could have a major impact on climate change. Yet, past efforts to change diets through public policy have had mixed results, suggesting that recent estimates of technical mitigation potential likely exceed feasible reductions in emissions. »

September 5, 2016Knowledge Portal
Global tree cover and biomass carbon on agricultural land: the contribution of agroforestry to global and national carbon budgets

This paper by Nature.com assesses the role of trees on agricultural land and their significance for carbon sequestration at a global level, along with recent change trends. Agroforestry systems and tree cover on agricultural land make an important contribution to climate change mitigation, but are not systematically accounted for in either global carbon budgets or national carbon accounting. Remote sensing data show that in 2010, 43% of all agricultural land globally had at least 10% tree cover and that this has increased by 2% over the previous ten years. »

August 8, 2016Knowledge Portal
Reducing risks to food security from climate change

This article is addressing an action oriented research agenda towards the challenges that climate-change brings. The authors see a strong research-implementation gap, as the growing number of climate impact studies on crop yields, provides marginal increases in knowledge. Therefore, the authors call for the scientific agenda to turn its attention to practical options in the face of climate change. According to the authors, the new agenda will face four key challenges. »

July 28, 2016
Proceedings GACSA Annual Forum

During the GACSA Annual Forum, the Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) community came together for 4 days under the theme CSA in Action. Governments, farmers, businesses, research organizations, non-governmental organizations, civil society, and academia from various corners of the globe, came to Rome from 14-17 June with a common purpose; how to accelerate action on the three pillars of CSA (productivity, adaptation and mitigation). »

July 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Feeding Climate Change: What the Paris Agreement means for food and beverage companies

This policy paper (PDF) by Oxfam presents new data commissioned from the research consultancy CE Delft on the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions footprints and water scarcity footprints of major food commodities. The data demonstrate the vital role the food and beverage industry can and must play in turning the Paris Agreement into a springboard for the stronger climate action needed. »

March 24, 2016Knowledge Portal
Global and regional health effects of future food production under climate change

This report focuses on the wider health impacts of future changes in agricultural production. While much research focuses on questions on food security, less attention has been devoted to assessing the health impacts. In this modelling study, the authors estimate that the health impacts of climate change from changes in dietary and weight related risk factors could be significant, and exceed other climate-related health impacts that have been estimated. »