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October 14, 2019Knowledge Portal
Transaction costs, land rental markets, and their impact on youth access to agriculture in Tanzania

This study estimates the extent to which land rental markets provide a pathway for youth to enter into agriculture, and how transaction costs may impede youth access to renting land. The article provides evidence that, while rental markets are important avenues for the acquisition of farmland by young farmers, the transaction costs faced by younger farmers attempting to access land rental markets appear to be higher than those faced by older farmers. »

January 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making sense of research for sustainable land management

This book, published by CDE/WOCAT and UFZ, provides evidence of how practices of sustainable land management can be adapted to specific local and regional contexts. It is based on the work of more than 600 scientists and synthesizes experiences and practice-relevant results from a seven year German funded international research programme on interactions between land management, climate change, and ecosystems and their services. »

October 12, 2016Knowledge Portal
International land deals for agriculture

This report provides detailed information on who is buying up farmland in which regions of the world and how this land is being used. It also elaborates on differences in food security impacts of land deals in different countries. Food crops continue to play the major role in land deals. The report explains that food security impact is distinct in two group of countries. »

Call for contributions special issue Land
January 28, 2015News
Call for contributions special issue Land
Theme: Land Governance

At the moment a special issue is under development for the journal ‘Land’ on the topic of ‘’Grabbing’ land for solving the global food problem: What are the implications for ‘local’ food security?’. The international, scholarly, open access journal Land is currently preparing a special issue with the aim to gain insight in the direct »

Report on Lunch Meeting
June 3, 2014Knowledge activity
Report on Lunch Meeting “Dealing strategically with land issues”
Theme: Land Governance

On Monday May 12, 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, LANDac and the F&BKP organized a lunch meeting: “Dealing strategically with land issues – the case of Benin”. »