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February 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Tree-based production systems for Africa’s drylands

This book, published by the World Bank, identifies some of the most promising investment opportunities at the level of tree-based systems, species (products), and well-defined management practices for accelerating rural economic growth in the drylands. This book is one of a series of thematic books prepared for the study, “Confronting Drought in Africa’s Drylands: Opportunities for Enhancing Resilience.”Trees, with their deep rooting systems, maintain their standing value and offer some production even in drought years. »

February 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Shifts in the landscape: Increased pressure on rural land and livelihoods in Ghana

This briefing explores the increased pressure on rural land and livelihoods in Ghana due to competition for land an changes in land governance. In Ghana 70 per cent of the population are smallholder farmers who depend on the land for their basic needs. »

Learning Platforms on Land Governance and Food Security
January 30, 2017News
Learning Platforms on Land Governance and Food Security
Theme: Land Governance

The Netherlands Land Academy (LANDac) and the F&BKP, together with CIFOR and Shared Value Foundation have started the Learning Platforms on Land Governance and Food Security. Building on activities of the LANDac and F&BKP, the Learning Platforms will facilitate exchanges and dialogue between private sector partners and local stakeholders in investment hubs in Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique. »

January 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Making sense of research for sustainable land management

This book, published by CDE/WOCAT and UFZ, provides evidence of how practices of sustainable land management can be adapted to specific local and regional contexts. It is based on the work of more than 600 scientists and synthesizes experiences and practice-relevant results from a seven year German funded international research programme on interactions between land management, climate change, and ecosystems and their services. »

January 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Land administration service delivery and its challenges in Nigeria: A case study of eight states

This paper by IFPRI assesses the nature of land administration service delivery in Nigeria using data collected from three sets of participants in land administration processes. The particpants include: 76 service providers, 253 beneficiaries, and 172 professionals. Land registration information guidelines seem to be rarely available to the public. »

January 23, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agrarian transformation(s) in Africa: What’s in it for women in rural Africa?

This article published in Development argues that while Africa is undergoing agrarian transformation(s) women are not benefiting equally compared to men. Rural African women in particular are posited as the main beneficiaries of these transformation, but the picture emerging is that of the privatization of the commons, privileging international, and to some extent local, private commercial agri-business interests over those of smallholder farmers, mostly women. The authors argue that these developments are promoting the rapid destruction of ecosystems and the increase in conflicts and displacements affecting the rural poor. »