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November 15, 2016Knowledge Portal
Compendium of indicators for nutrition-sensitive agriculture

This compendium is designed to assist officers responsible for designing nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture investments in selecting appropriate indicators to monitor if these investments are having an impact on nutrition and through which pathways. The guide is for those responsible for the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of investment projects in food and agriculture (including and in addition to value chains, social development, and rural development) that need to demonstrate that they lead to intermediary results toward improved nutrition. »

October 10, 2016Knowledge Portal
Nutrition indicators in agriculture projects: Current measurement, priorities, and gaps

This article investigates explores suitable indicators for measuring nutrition-agriculture linkages. The evidence base for impact of agriculture on nutrition is bounded by what is measured. The authors argue that the understanding of true impact of agriculture on nutrition has been limited by the scope of available indicators. The paper reviews which nutrition impact indicators are currently used in agriculture-nutrition projects, and highlights priorities and gaps in measurement. »

August 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
A shared approach to performance measurement: Common indicators and metrics

This paper presents an aligned yet customizable framework of indicators for measuring farm-level sustainability in smallholder agricultural supply chains. These indicators are proposed primarily in the context of performance measurement, but can also be useful for more in-depth impact evaluation studies. The ideas presented here are drawn from recent fieldwork of food and beverage companies, standards organizations, NGOs, and development agencies, and were synthesized as part of a community of practice led and facilitated by the Sustainable Food Lab. »

May 25, 2015Knowledge Portal
Governance of science, technology and innovation for food security in Africa: A conceptual framework for developing indicators

This paper (PDF) by professor John Ouma-Mugabe at the CTA website, lays out the conceptual framework for developing indicators for assessing the governance of science, technology and innovation (STI) in Africa. It is erected on the premise that the subject of ‘governance of science, technology and innovation’ is increasingly becoming part of academic inquiry and public policy discourse in Africa and internationally, yet there are no conceptual tools as well as empirically tested indicators for demonstrating what constitutes it. »

May 19, 2015Knowledge Portal
Indicators of global sustainable sourcing as a set covering problem: an integrated approach to sustainability.

This paper in the Ecosystem Health and Sustainability Journal, presents a new method to systematically link issues and indicators under two conceptual frameworks of sustainability in order to enable quantitative analyses. The authors demonstrate this approach with a specific use case focused on the global sourcing of agricultural products. »

May 11, 2015Knowledge Portal
Global Food Policy Report 2014-2015

The Global Food Policy Report  (PDF) by IFPRI provides an in-depth look at major food policy developments and events. This annual report offers an overview of the policy developments that have contributed to or hindered progress in food and nutrition security. It reviews what happened in food policy and why, examines key challenges and opportunities, »