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March 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Value chain upgrading and the inclusion of smallholders in markets: Reflections on contributions of multi-stakeholder processes in dairy development in Tanzania

Increasingly, value chain approaches are integrated with multi-stakeholder processes to facilitate inclusive innovation and value chain upgrading of smallholders. This pathway to smallholder integration into agri-food markets has received limited analysis. This article in the The European Journal of Development Research analyses this integration through a case study of an ongoing smallholder dairy development programme in Tanzania. »

Seventeenth F&BKP newsletter
December 23, 2016News
Seventeenth F&BKP newsletter

The last 2016 newsletter of the Food & Business Knowledge Platform (F&BKP) is filled with seven F&BKP related products such as studies, reports of seminars, Knowledge Portal items, and upcoming events. You can also follow the Platform on Twitter and Facebook to always stay updated on relevant Food and Nutrition Security related news. The Platform Office team wishes all our readers happy holidays »

Youth inclusiveness in agricultural transformation
December 6, 2016Study
Youth inclusiveness in agricultural transformation
Theme: Youth in agrofood systems

Africa’s rapid population growth of youth is increasingly becoming a key priority on the development agenda. Looking at the cases of Mali, Kenya and Ghana, a quick scan study of the F&BKP, INCLUDE and AgriProFocus provides some new insights into the challenges of the agricultural sector, food security and youth unemployment. »

May 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Rural women’s participation in producer organizations: An analysis of the barriers that women face and strategies to foster equitable and effective participation

This paper analyzes the factors that hinder women’s participation in producer organizations and aims to identify and document good practice that can be applied by agricultural research and development institutions. In the last decades, participation in producer organizations has become a key principle of development, enabling people’s empowerment, inclusiveness, and facilitating democracy. However, studies show that women and youth often remain excluded from participation and leadership roles, decision-making processes and services. This review identifies several factors as major barriers for women’s participation. »

April 28, 2016Knowledge Portal
Reducing rural women’s domestic workload through labour-saving technologies and practices

This toolkit from IFAD provides practical papers on how labour-saving technologies and practices can promote inclusive development through reducing the domestic workload and freeing up time to perform productive tasks, but also to participate in decision-making processes and development opportunities. Labour-saving technologies can also make rural areas more attractive places for younger people. »

January 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
Looking for greener pastures: African youth and their future jobs

In this blog post on the INCLUDE platform, Marije Balt from Springfactor elaborates on youth moving to urban areas and explores programmes and plans of donors to invest in job creation in Africa’s largest sector, agriculture. The blog highlights a number of obstacles faced by young people wishing to engage in agriculture, such as the stigma surrounding agriculture as a lifestyle and source of livelihood, restricted access to land, irrelevant education, inability to handle risk and poor access to finance. Comprehensive approaches are needed, both in rural and urban areas, in agriculture and other sectors, whuch can help youth in Africa find decent work and stop looking for the proverbial greener pastures elsewhere, Balt concludes. »