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gender equality

January 19, 2017Knowledge Portal
How to green food systems in a gender-smart way: A matter of insight and smart interventions

This paper elaborates on the relation between food systems and gender equality building on knowledge, experience and good practices in the field of agriculture, climate change, food security and value chains. The authors argue that since the current food systems poses serious problems of sustainability, a solution should be sought in greening of these systems which refers to investments to improve human well-being and social equity, reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcities. »

January 10, 2017Knowledge Portal
Developing gender-sensitive value chains

This report by FAO tries to facilitate in the systematic integration of gender equality dimensions into value chain development programmes and projects. It raises awareness on gender inequalities and discusses the importance of addressing these dimensions in value chain development, while also building a common approach for work on gender-sensitive value chain development. It tries this by bringing together key concepts from value chain development and gender and by providing concrete guiding principles for the integration of gender concerns into value chain development projects and programmes. »

December 19, 2016Knowledge Portal
Exploration of cultural norms and practices influencing women’s participation in chickpea participatory varietal selection training activities: a case study of Ada’a and Ensaro districts, Ethiopia

This article describes the reasons why women in Ethiopian communities did not take up training opportunities. In order to encourage gender equality in delivery of varietal knowledge to male and female farmers in Ada’a and Ensaro districts of Ethiopia, chickpea breeders set a policy that each male farmer would bring along his wife to participatory varietal selection sessions. »

December 15, 2016Knowledge Portal
Practical Notes: Critical elements for integrating gender in agricultural research and development projects and programs

This paper, published in the Journal of gender, agriculture and Food security answers the question on how to integrate gender in agricultural research, development projects and programs. Gender integration has become a common topic within research and development circles. This paper provides four entry points that provide guidance to research organizations or research programs looking for a systematic process for gender integration. »

November 30, 2016Knowledge Portal
How inclusive is inclusive business for women? Examples from Asia and Latin America

This report assesses the extent to which inclusive business models promote women’s economic empowerment. As a commercially viable business model, inclusive business bears considerable potential for women’s economic advancement, though not every inclusive business will inevitably do so. It is important to distinguish two ways in which inclusive business is relevant to women’s economic empowerment. »

October 25, 2016Knowledge Portal
Involving men in nutrition

This note by GFRAS argues that it is important to include men in nutrition initiatives to turn around food discrimination. Women may learn a lot from courses on good nutrition, but excluding men means that women may not be able to act on their improved knowledge. Men may feel angry because their own nutritional needs are ignored. »