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October 19, 2015Knowledge Portal
The role of knowledge in building food security resilience across food system domains

This paper in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences compares knowledge generation, transmission, access, and use in four food system domains (global industrial, independent commercial, local and sustainable, and fair trade) discriminated on dimensions of globalization and multifunctionality. The objective of these comparisons is to understand connections among the resilience of food systems, food security, and knowledge systems »

Cities and agriculture: developing resilient urban food systems
October 14, 2015Study
Cities and agriculture: developing resilient urban food systems

The world has been observing a rapid increase in urban population over the past years. With more people living in cities, urbanization has become evident. It is vital to plan and provide for sustainable and resilient food systems. The RUAF publication “Cities and agriculture: developing resilient urban food systems” edited by Henk de Zeeuw (RUAF »

September 29, 2015Knowledge Portal
Global food security 2030- assessing trends in view of guiding future EU policies

This report (PDF) from the European Commission shows that it is essential for Europe to move towards an integrated examination of a much broader landscape. By 2030 and beyond, food security will increasingly be considered as securing food supply in response to changing and growing global demand. »

September 23, 2015Knowledge Portal
Realizing the right to food in an era of climate change

This report (PDF) by Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) highlights the role of small-scale farmers as innovators and custodians of food system diversity, a critical resource in ensuring the realization of the right to food in an era of climate change. Taking an innovation systems perspective, it proposes a new framework for the design of collaborative agricultural research projects and agendas, and notes the need for pro-active policy measures in creating an enabling environment for such partnerships. »

July 15, 2015Knowledge Portal
The Oxford Handbook of Food, Politics, and Society

This Oxford Handbook Food, Politics and Society, edited by Ronald J. Herring, explores the complex interrelationships between food and agriculture, politics, and society. More specifically, it considers the political aspects of three basic economic questions: what is to be produced? how is it to be produced? how it is to be distributed? »

June 30, 2015Knowledge Portal
Food in an urbanised world: The role of city region food systems in resilience and sustainable development

This report by the International Sustainability Unit (ISU) and FAO, aims to provide a synthesis of the current state of knowledge on city region food systems. Its objective is to clarify the on city region food system concept and analyse the proposed benefits of pursuing a city regional approach to food policy and planning. »