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Senior vacancy at CIAT, Colombia
May 23, 2017News
Senior vacancy at CIAT, Colombia

The International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) is looking for a new Head of Partnerships and Communications to be based at CIAT headquarters in Cali, Colombia. CIAT is seeking a dynamic professional to lead the Partnerships and Communications efforts. This is a senior position that leads a large team of people focusing on Resource Mobilization, »

The F&BKP Knowledge Portal: What’s in it for you?
March 29, 2017News
The F&BKP Knowledge Portal: What’s in it for you?

The F&BKP Knowledge Portal provides a user-friendly gateway to knowledge and innovations in the field of Food and Nutrition Security. Relevant knowledge items are published on a regular basis for six main topics. To automatically receive updates of the topics that interest you the most, you can now subscribe to email alerts. »

The relevance of longer-term research
March 6, 2017News
The relevance of longer-term research

Longer-term research has as much, but complementary, relevance for the objective of food security as shorter-term research. The research funded through the Food & Business Global Challenges Programme (GCP) may last four to five years. This allows for methodologies that require time to lead to results, such as in-depth studies, iterative research approaches and more »

October 19, 2016Knowledge Portal
Food and nutrition security: towards the full realisation of human rights

This issue of Policy in Focus (PDF) by the International Policy Centre for inclusive growth (IPC) sought to present readers with a selection of contributing authors and articles that share a holistic interpretation of the human right to adequate food and nutrition. This interpretation reaffirms that its true realisation goes far beyond the mere fulfilment of basic food and nutritional needs but, rather, must incorporate multiple dimensions. The contributing authors featured in this issue present critical analyses of some of the most relevant public policy strategies aiming to overcome challenges towards the realization of these dimensions. »

August 18, 2016Knowledge Portal
How can we use markets to reach the poor with nutritious foods?

This report shows findings from Ghana, Nigeria and Tanzania on how and where value chains and markets might be made more nutrition sensitive and improve access to nutritious foods for the poorest and most vulnerable communities show that markets face many challenges in bringing nutritious foods to the poorest and most vulnerable. To effectively reach poor people, nutritious food must be affordable, available in the market, safe, and must contain the nutrients which it claims to have. Ensuring that nutritious food can reach the most vulnerable cannot be addressed by an individual business or value chain, but rather must be addressed through influencing the market system more broadly. »

June 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Reducing anemia prevalence in Afghanistan: Socioeconomic correlates and the particular role of agricultural assets

This article examines the socio-economic correlates of anemia in women and, potential sources of iron in household diets in Afghanistan. It delves into the agriculture-nutrition linkages and tries to understand these in the context of Afghanistan and related to iron-deficiency anemia. The authors found that ownership of agricultural assets (particularly livestock) and their use in food production has a role in alleviating anemia, especially when local markets are inadequate. »