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June 3, 2019Knowledge Portal
Towards sustainable global food systems: Conceptual and policy analysis of agriculture, food and environmental linkages

This book promotes the view that sustainable food systems requires thorough insights into the structure and dynamics of agro-food production systems, the drivers for integrating food value chains and markets, and key incentives for supporting healthier consumer choices. The contributed papers focus on interfaces between food system activities and processes of adaptive change that are critical for overcoming key constraints and trade-offs between sustainable food and healthy diets. »

October 9, 2018Knowledge Portal
Making markets work for indigenous vegetables: Towards a sustainable food system in the Lake Naivasha Basin, Kenya

This paper looks at how to increase awareness and willingness of consumer to buy indigenous vegetables, and to ultimately make markets work for them. One way to increase awareness would be to create labels or certificates to signal to consumer the sustainability benefits of indigenous vegetables. »

GCP-2 facstheet midterm findings: SUPERSEAS
August 14, 2018Research project
GCP-2 facstheet midterm findings: SUPERSEAS

Please download the factsheet with midterm findings of this GCP-2 Integrated Project. »

Turning the food system around to achieve inclusive nutrition security
June 27, 2018Expert opinion
Turning the food system around to achieve inclusive nutrition security

Breakout session 1 of IOB public dialogue Dutch food security policy on May 31, 2018. Food availability and access alone are not enough to realize nutrition security. To improve what the Dutch food security agenda contributes to the global goal of reducing hunger and malnutrition, future policy should shift focus. »

June 28, 2017Knowledge Portal
Fruit production and consumption: Practices, preferences and attitudes of women in rural western Kenya

This study identified practices, preferences, attitudes and decision-making for fruit consumption, production, and use of income generated from these activities. Additionally, it assessed the contribution of fruits to closing nutritional gaps in Western Kenya during two different (rainy and dry) seasons. »

Food for All Talk 01
February 13, 2017Knowledge activity
Food for All Talk 01 “From Production System to Food System – What Does it Take?”

Early February, the first Food for All Talk under the WBG-Netherlands Partnership took place. Chair was Juergen Voegele, Senior Director, Agriculture Global Practice at the World Bank Group. Panelists John McDermott (IFPRI) and Inge Brouwer (Wageningen UR) urged participants to flip their thinking: from “Farm to Fork“, to “Fork to Farm”. »