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January 25, 2017Knowledge Portal
Learning and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector: building social entrepreneurial capabilities in young farmers

This paper explores the learning mechanisms intended to develop new knowledge and capabilities that are expressed in the adoption of entrepreneurial behaviour by young farmers. It highlights public programs that promote the improvement of the technical and productive conditions of the agriculture sector in Mexico through organisations such as Produce Foundation Puebla (FUPPUE). »

January 4, 2016Knowledge Portal
Seeds of justice: In the hands of farmers

This movie narrates the story of Ethiopian plant geneticist Dr Melaku Worede and his lifelong commitment for the acknowledgement of traditional farmers’ knowledge and his commitment to secure Ethiopia’s crop diversity. The movie tries to underscore the importance of the knowledge of farmers. »

September 30, 2015Knowledge Portal
Validating women’s knowledge and experiences: A case study of women’s experiences and food security in Kenya

This paper aims to demonstrate that women’s experiences and knowledge about food security are critical in order to create inclusive and more comprehensive policies in food security. Using a feminist theoretical framework, the author argues that women’s knowledge and experiences have remained invisible and underutilized by policy makers and development workers. One reason for this is that research methods have themselves been products of a male knowledge development process and thus have enhanced exclusion and marginalization of women’s perspectives. »

Seventh F&BKP Newsletter
July 3, 2015News
Seventh F&BKP Newsletter

Now that summer has truly started and before we enter the holiday season, the Food & Business Knowledge Platform has published its seventh newsletter with an update on the F&BKP activities of the last month.   In this July newsletter we present a new explorative report conducted within the Platform on how the Fruit and Vegetable Sector contributes to Food and Nutrition Security. We also inform you about the new Young Expert Programme that is focusing on »

Capitalizing on knowledge in international public-private partnerships
June 4, 2015News
Capitalizing on knowledge in international public-private partnerships

The Ministry of Economic Affairs, department of Agriculture and Nature Knowledge, and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform together with Wageningen University & Research centre organized an expert meeting on the development of international PPPs and the valorization of knowledge by knowledge institutes and the private sector. Researchers from Wageningen UR presented the results of »