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agricultural productivity

May 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agriculture and rural development in a globalizing world: Challenges and opportunities

This book addresses the challenges of reorienting agriculture and rural development in an environment of rapid structural transformation, globalization and urbanization. It provides a comprehensive review and assessment of the multi-faceted nature of agriculture and rural development, particularly in the developing world. »

May 9, 2017Knowledge Portal
Reaping richer returns: Public spending priorities for African agriculture productivity growth

This report explores how effective, efficient and climate resilient public spending in and for agriculture can be the foundation for transformation and reducing poverty in Sub-Saharan African countries. Enhancing the productivity of agriculture is vital for Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic future and is one of the most important tools to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity in the region. »

March 1, 2017Knowledge Portal
Effect of non-farm work on agricultural productivity: Empirical evidence from northern Ghana

This working paper (PDF) from UNU-WIDER investigates the factors influencing participation in non-farm work and the effect of participation on farmers’ productivity, using survey data from 300 smallholder farm households in northern Ghana. »

January 29, 2017Knowledge Portal
Agricultural extension messages using video on portable devices increased knowledge about seed selection, storage and handling among smallholder potato farmers in southwestern Uganda

This article demonstrates that showing agricultural extension videos significantly increased farmers’ knowledge of recommended practices on seed selection, storage and handling. The video messages were delivered through Android tablets to a sample of potato farmers in southwestern Uganda. This research suggests that videos should be crop and context specific, featuring model farmers to maximize the potential of videos to leverage knowledge farmers already possess but may not be confident enough to use. »

January 6, 2017Knowledge Portal
Growing advantage of large farms in Asia and its implications for global food security

This article, published in the Global Food Security journal, argues that if small-scale farms continue to dominate in the face of the increasing wage rate in Asia, many countries in this region will lose their comparative advantage in agriculture. If machinery and land are complementary and machines are indivisible to some extent, large-scale mechanized farms become more efficient, which tends to weaken the inverse farm size-productivity relationship. »

September 14, 2016Knowledge Portal
Growth and poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: the role of agricultural development

This book by UNU-WIDER comprehensively evaluates trends in living conditions in 16 major sub-Saharan African countries, corresponding to nearly 75% of the total population. An important message from ten of the countries they looked at is that there are potentially high returns to policies that take agriculture seriously. Countries that place a particular emphasis on upgrading the capabilities of small-scale farmers are more likely to achieve broad-based development objectives. »