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September 7, 2018Knowledge Portal
Women’s empowerment in agriculture and agricultural productivity: Evidence from rural maize farmer households in western Kenya

This study examines the effects of women’s empowerment in agriculture on maize productivity, which may have differential effects depending on whether a plot is managed jointly by a man and a woman, or individually. A positive relationship between maize productivity and women’s empowerment in agriculture is shown. »

September 3, 2018Knowledge Portal
Building a resilient and sustainable agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa

This book is a collection of papers related to a better understanding of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa and to the best policy options for enhancing its resilience and sustainability. It offers technical analyses, policy recommendations and an overview of success stories for agricultural sustainability. »

August 14, 2018Knowledge Portal
Closing the potential-performance divide in Ugandan agriculture

This report looks at what could explain the potential-performance divide in Uganda and comes with recommendations how to close this. The difference between aggregate output growth and the growth of all inputs and factors of production that produced it, has been negative for the last two decades in Ugandan agriculture. »

August 1, 2018Knowledge Portal
The future of rural youth in developing countries

This study aims to shed light on the potential of local value chains to create more, better and sustainable jobs for rural youth in developing countries. Rural youth are turning their backs on small-scale agriculture, yet a growing local and regional demand for food represents a unique untapped opportunity. »

July 28, 2018Knowledge Portal
Agricultural input subsidies for improving productivity, farm income, consumer welfare and wider growth in low- and lower-middle-income countries

This systematic review evaluates the impact of input subsidies on agricultural productivity, beneficiary incomes and welfare, consumer welfare and wider economic growth. Results show that subsidized fertilizers and seeds are associated with increased use of these inputs, higher agricultural yields and increased income. »

June 25, 2018Knowledge Portal
Factors influencing the adoption of new technologies in agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: A review of the literature

This review article is on factors that influence the adoption of new technologies in agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa has not benefited sufficiently from the great revolutions in the agricultural world that have made it possible to increase productivity. »