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January 18, 2017Knowledge Portal
Farming Matters: Listening to Pastoralists

This issue of Farming Matters by ILEIA explores the different ways pastoral societies are joining forces to challenge the policies that undermine their culture and way of life. For millennia, pastoralist societies have managed the rangelands of the world’s most challenging environments, producing food and providing ecosystem services for millions of households. The experiences, opinions and perspectives presented in this issue highlight the importance of pastoral societies for agroecology and the transformation of entire food systems. »

December 29, 2016Knowledge Portal
Unleashing the potential of pastoralism to develop West Africa

This book by KIT and SNV aims to identify the trends affecting pastoralism and pastoral productivity, which helps to understand the current changes in the performance of value chains which play a key role in pastoral adaptation. The book puts into perspective the conditions for sustainable growth of production that supports entrepreneurial performance and competitiveness of local actors in dynamic markets. The authors observe a clear move towardslivestock production becoming more market-oriented, which influences the position of all actors in the various value chains. »

August 2, 2016Knowledge Portal
Can insurance help manage climate risk and food insecurity? Evidence from the pastoral regions of East Africa

This article by Michael R. Carter, Sarah A. Janzen and Quentin Stoeffler suggests that insurance can help manage climate risk and food insecurity. If well-designed, insurance contracts can be implemented and priced at a reasonable level, despite the uncertainties that attend climate change. Evidence from the Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) index insurance project in the pastoral regions in East Africa suggest that practical difficulties can be overcome and that insurance can have the impacts that underlay the positive theoretical evaluation. »

August 1, 2016Knowledge Portal
Sustainable agricultural development for food security and nutrition: what roles for livestock?

This report recognizes the unique role of pastoral systems. It identifies the key challenges that pastoralism is facing. Its recommendations include enabling the mobility of pastoralists, strengthening the role of local pastoralist organizations, improving social services and market access for pastoral communities and strengthening security, tenure and title of customary lands, property rights and governance of grazing resources. »

July 21, 2016Knowledge Portal
The evolution of collective land tenure regimes in pastoralist societies: Lessons from Andean countries

This research paper (PDF) from the ELLA Programme, aims to analyse how land tenure regimes of pastoralist societies living in the Andean altiplano have transformed over the last 50 years. It also discusses the implications of these transformations for the sustainability of resource management in these areas, based on the premise that a better understanding of customary land tenure regimes can help to inform public policy and decision making. »

July 20, 2016Knowledge Portal
Livestock wealth and social capital as insurance against climate risk: A case study of Samburu County in Kenya

This article, published in the Agricultural Systems journal, uses data from 500 households in Samburu County (Kenya) to explore how natural environment and market accessibility affect coping and adaptation strategies of pastoralists. In particular, the authors ask whether households accumulate livestock wealth and invest in structural and cognitive social capital to protect themselves against climate risks. »